Monday, May 21, 2012

REVIEW: The Honest Kitchen Smooches

The Honest Kitchen Smooches

Where to Find: Mr. Chewy

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Smooches_Sophie_52112Our friends at Mr. Chewy recently gave the Lapdogs the opportunity to try The Honest Kitchen Smooches, heart-shaped chicken and cranberry treats.
The Honest Kitchen takes pride in how they make dog treats.  They use minimal processing and all human-grade ingredients. In fact, their products are made in a human food facility that requires all ingredients come direct from the human food chain!  Production of The Honest Kitchen treats takes place in the USA food facility, alongside breakfast cereals and beverage mixes made for human consumption. 

Smooches are a delicious, wholesome treat that is perfect for little rewards and training.  They are 100% natural, hand-made with love and free of wheat, fillers and artificial additives.  In fact, Smooches are made with just 8 simple ingredients: barley flour, chicken, molasses, filtered water, eggs, organic virgin coconut oil, cranberries and aged parmesan cheese.  Not only are the ingredients human-grade, the chicken is free range from a farm in California.

Each Smooches heart-shaped treat is just 2.3 calories, making them a great reward for any dog!  As you can see from our photos, all of the Lapdogs loved them, as well as our current foster baby Babs. And I couldn't be happier feeding The Honest Kitchen treats to my dogs, after all they are made in the USA with human-grade ingredients by a company who truly cares.  The cute packaging and adorable heart-shapes are just icing on the cake!

The Lapdogogs (and Babs) recommend that you check out Smooches and other treats from The Honest Kitchen at Mr. Chewy today!  They offer free 1-2 day shipping on all orders of $49 or more, so stock up for the summer! Zeus thinks everyone should feel sorry for the embarrassing poses his Mommy puts him in for these reviews and hopes that they aren't in vain... he says WOOF, which I believe translates into "Order some Smooches for your pooches!"  


SissySees said...

Too bad they include that foul fowl. Sounds like a great treat though for dogs without a chicken allergy.

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

From the mom - Oh darn and I just submitted my order yesterday and it has already shipped - oh well, next time since we at Team Beaglebratz have gotten hooked on them.

Those treats sound wonderful - we will definitely be trying them the next time I need to order the Beaglebratz more kibble - so far, I always try to spend enough to get the free shipping. Thank goodness the Beaglebratz don't have a chicken allergy - they will love them with the cranberries. Thank you for the info.

Veens said...

What a cute dog you have :) And if I find these hear I will recommend Mom buys it for her little dog :) Thank you for the great recommendation! Woof :)

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