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REVIEW: Holiday Hats for Babies

Holiday Hats for Babies

Caps, Berets & Beanies to Knit for Every Occasion

by Debby Ware

Paperback: 128 pages

Publisher: Taunton Press (September 2, 2014)


What knitter can resist casting on a super-cute baby hat - even with no particular baby in mind at the time? I know I sure can't, and with the release of Holiday Hats for Babies: Caps, Berets & Beanies to Knit for Every Occasion, my to-knit list just got even longer.

The first thing that grabbed my attention with Holiday Hats for Babies, besides that adorable pouty face on the cover, was the fact that this is a book full of patterns for all holidays... not just the "major" ones.  Heck, not even just the sub-major ones.  Arbor Day Cap, anyone? 

The 25 patterns in Holiday Hats for Babies are divided into four seasonal sections:
  1. Winter is Wonderful - covering Christmas, Hanukkah, all things snowy, Valentine's Day and St. Patty's Day (note to the editors: the Mother's Day "Cup of Love Hat" pattern in this section clearly missed it's proper location)
  2. Spring Has Sprung - covering all things flowery, plus April Fool's Day, Easter, Mother's Day (a second offering apart from the misplaced hat noted above) and Father's Day
  3. Summer and Other Celebrations - covering 4th of July and birthday celebrations
  4. Fabulous Fall - covering Arbor Day, Halloween and leaf-peeping
Of course, if you know me, you know I went straight to the Fabulous Fall section.  The "Leaf Peeper Cap" is simply adorable and the "Witch's Hat" is a must for any little lady in your life.

Other patterns that really stood out to me include the "Peppermint Candy Cap," a sweet treat for Valentine's Day and beyond, the "Spring Has Sprung Hat," complete with pink roses on the top, and the "Fourth of July Top Hat," which proudly shows off your tiny-tot's patriotic side.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced knitter, the patterns in Holiday Hats for Babies are for you.  Whether you want to try out new skills, or cast on what you would consider a "mindless" knit, each project has clear instructions and beautiful color photos to guide you through.

About the Author: Debby Ware is an author, designer and life-long knitter who has been crafting baby clothing for more than 20 years. She owns and operates Debby Ware Knitwares, an online shop devoted to fun and charming knit kits.  Debby resides in Edgartown, Massachusetts.

Disclaimer: Taunton Press sent a copy of Holiday Hats for Babies to Lapdog Creations for review purposes.  I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Did Someone Say Cake?!?

In case anyone missed it, Tut turned 11 on Saturday.  For those of you who did miss it, here's his King Tut "whhaaaaattttt??!!!" face especially for you.


Or maybe that face was for me when he found out that the new toy I ordered for him didn't make it in time. Okay, so I might not have ordered it until Thursday... oops. It was a good thing one of our favorite local shops was having a customer appreciation event... and our friends from Casey Jones Bones were there... and the humans wanted to stop by and say hello.

2014-10-26_09-23-35 2014-10-26_09-25-03

He sure thought he was king something when we got there. All the attention, and he got to go in the store and sniff around. He was too preoccupied to pick out a toy, however, so Mama did the honors (and forgot to snap a pic). A HuggleHounds Mr. Candy Corn was the winner.

Just stopped by #WoofItDown to support our friends at @caseyjonesbones and for customer appreciation day! #dogstagram #instadog #happydog #CaseyJonesBones #MadeinNH #dogtreats

I may not have ordered the other toy in time, but I did order the more important birthday component on time... the cake!  And, it was cheeseburger flavor!  Score double points for Mama!

Tut's cheese burger birthday cake from #thebarkery #dogstagram #instadog #dogcake

Bad doggie mama moment #101 - I haven't had a chance to download pictures off of my camera yet, so instead of shots with his siblings, you just get these slightly blurry phone pics of the birthday boy himself (which I'm quite sure he doesn't mind).

Tut patiently waiting for his cheese burger birthday cake from #thebarkery  #dogstagram #instadog #dogcake #happydog #seniordog #ilovemyseniordog #ilovemydogs #coonhoundmix #adoptdontshop #rescued


I think my baby boy had a wonderful 11th celebration, don't you?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Daddy's Little Princess and Her Mischief

Most dogs love car rides.  Some even love going for a ride to visit their awesome vet.

Then there's Sophie.

While she has certainly gotten better over the years, Sophie is not a fan of car rides, strangers, or going to visit the vet.  The drool starts flowing as soon as we get in the car.

Apparently someone taught her to close her eyes and make a wish.  I think she's secretly mumbling "there's no place like home, there's no place like home" in this shot.
Our other dogs would do anything for a ride... Sophie has a melt down, drools and wishes REALLY hard to be at home. #dogstagram #instadog #rescued #houndmix #adoptdontshop #notsohappydog

Daddy's little Princess had an unplanned visit to the vet last weekend to be checked out for a UTI.  Dr. C was off, so we had to see another vet. Both she and her tech thought Sophie was just the sweetest little thing ever, even with her drooling and doing all things possible to avoid looking at them.


While they were checking Sophie out, they decided we might as well express her glands while we were there.  Now, unlike Dr. C who does the little procedure herself in the exam room (and doesn't charge us an extra $30, but that's a story for another day), they took her out back.  Sophie wasn't thrilled and showed her displeasure by, ah-hum, giving the girls a little poopsie for good measure.  Now, the tech played the "accident" off pretty nicely, but Sophie clearly was quite proud of her "I'll show you" mischief and gloated for the rest of our time there.


To recap, the left is "before" she pooped on the tech and the right is "after." 

IMG_20141018_131129_728-1 IMG_20141018_132410_181

Yup, that's Daddy's little Princess...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Black & White Sunday: Cozy Fall Snuggles

Happy Sunday!  Here's to a day full of cozy things like blankets, knitting, football and doggie snuggles.  I love it when Zeus wants to snuggle.




Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Number Eleven Tut

It's hard to believe, but my "little" boy is 11 today...

Happy 11th Birthday Teutul!

I have no idea how the time flies by so fast, but it's time for our annual birthday photo recap once again, so here we go...

My happy-go-lucky, always smiling (unless he's up to something), baby boy...

Tut says Good Morning IG! #dogstagram #rescued #coonhoundmix #smile #love #smiling #ilovemydogs #seniordog

Tut says Good Morning IG! #dogstagram #rescued #coonhoundmix #houndmix #ilovemydogs #seniordog #ilovemyseniordog #happydog #adoptdontshop Happy Tut.... Make-a-Wish face! #instadog #dogstagram #happydog #rescued #coonhoundmix #smile #ilovemydogs #seniordog #mutt

Teutul, being Tut...

Tut says Good Morning...  #dogstagram #coonhoundmix #instadog #houndmix #closeup I don't think he can get any closer... #dogstagram #Rescued #coonhoundmix #sniffer #snuggles #overlycuddly #ilovemydogs #adoptdontshop #instadog IMG_20140624_182757_135 Untitled

He's always ready to work, reviewing items for the blog...

Instinct_Tut_111713_CROP Working on a #dogtreat #review for the blog! Teeny tiny heart shaped #haddock treats from #TheHonestKitchen and @chewy The dogs are going NUTS for them! #dogstagram #seniordog #happydog #rescued #adoptdontshop

He's the king of snuggles...

Untitled 2014-10-01_06-49-08

Although he sometimes annoys them to no end, he loves his siblings and the feeling is mutual.
4dogs_101413f Untitled Good Morning! #dogstagram #snuggles #dobermanmix #coonhoundmix #adoptdontshop #Rescued #love #instadog The hounds have claimed the morning #sunspot ! #houndmix #coonhoundmix #Rescued #adoptdontshop #dogstagram #instadog #ilovemydogs

He loves to celebrate the holidays...

Tut waiting for his Christmas morning treat #dogstagram #coonhoundmix #adoptdontshop #Rescued Tut_4614c

He's a social media star!  Purina liked his snowy Instagram picture so much last winter that they put some graphics on it and shared it all over their social media pages...


Speaking of snow, he sure loves playing in it... as well as in the mud!

Untitled Rainy day morning... #instadog #dogstagram #mud #rain #spring #dobermanmix #coonhoundmix

 But nothing beats lounging in the sun...

Tut says, Happy Sunday!  Life is good! #dogstagram #instadog #rescued #coonhoundmix #happydog #seniordog #smiling #love #smile #fall #chill #adoptdontshop Tut says Good Morning IG! #dogstagram #spring #sunshine #rescued #coonhoundmix #adoptdontshop

I think he smells his cake...


Happy Birthday Baby Boy!