Monday, September 29, 2008

REVIEW: Why Do Dogs Like Balls? & Why Do Cats Bury Their Poop

Why Do Dogs Like Balls?
by D. Caroline Coile, PhD & Margaret H. Bonham
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Sterling Books (September 2, 2008)

Why Do Cats Bury Their Poop?
by Margaret H. Bonham & D. Caroline Coile, PhD

Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Sterling Books (September 2, 2008)

As soon as these books arrived for review, I thought "Not your typical owners manuals!" I was right... what we have here is a fun pair of "manuals," both revelational and cram full of important, as well as interesting facts.

Do dogs believe pictures of other dogs are real? Remember incidents? Mourn? Get goose bumps? Have Different Blood Types? See ghosts? Can dogs smell fear? Be homosexual? Count? And, just why do dogs turn in circles before they lie down? Why Do Dogs Like Balls? holds the answers you've been searching for!

Why Do Dogs Like Balls? is presented in 9 all-encompassing sections - Dog Behavior; Canine Intelligence; The Dog's Emotions; The Canine Body; A Dog's Senses; The Sexual Dog; Dog Care; More Canine Questions; and Dog Breeds.

Do cats get hiccups? Embarrassed? Talk when they meow? Get gas? Bury things like dogs? Get Alzheimer's? Need glasses? Are all white cats deaf? Why do some cats suck wool? Why Do Cats Bury Their Poop? will help you solve these mysteries!

Why Do Cats Bury Their Poop? is comprised of 11 inclusive sections (I guess they really are more finicky than dogs!) - The Cat's Body, Feline Behavior, The Cat's Health, Cat Care, Cat Senses, Cat Emotions, Cat Breeds, The Sexual Cat, Feline Intelligence, More Cat Questions and Cat Domestication.

Both books are written in such a wonderful way that you can easily opt to read them cover to cover, or to simply look up the questions that are important to you. Each section is outlined, making for quick and easy reference. After browsing both books, I know I'll certainly be reading the dog version cover to cover - not something that I can say about any of the other dog owner's manuals or guide books that line my book shelf (at least 4 or 5)! I really like how the authors give us informative information with a comedic spin! There are lots of out of the ordinary topics too.

Both books would be welcome additions to any dog or cat owner's collection and would make excellent holiday gifts!

About the Authors: D. Caroline Coile, PhD has written 29 books and more than 300 magazine & scientific articles. She's a columnist for Dog World magazine, has served as a canine consultant to the FAA and is on the AKC Canine Health Foundation President's Council. Margaret H. Bonham is an award winning author of 28 books and hundreds of articles about dogs & cats. She is a member of both the Dog Writers' Association of American and the Cat Writer's Association. She is a pet behavorist who has trained over 50 dogs in obedience, agility, backpacking and sledding sports.

The winner of the Pure Mutt collar from a previous review was drawn via random number generator... Congratulations Jknits! I will be in touch to get your mailing address.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rainy Fall Day, Perfect for a FO

Yes, its a very rainy fall day here in New England... what to do??? Finish up my Fallish One Row Scarf, of course! I had some expertise modeling help...

Lola_OneRowScarf_908 Sophie_OneRowScarf_908b

Pattern: The Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf
Yarn: Wisdom Sonnet, 3 full skeins

Lola_OneRowScarf_908c Sophie_OneRowScarf_908

I actually cast this on last October because I loved this yarn so much and needed something knit out of it. I only bought 2 skeins at the time, got to knitting and then set it aside for Christmas knitting... then winter knitting... then spring knitting... well, you get the picture (no, it should not take a year to knit this scarf!). I wanted it extra long for wrapping, so I opted to add a third skein and vowed to have it finished to wear this fall.


I wanted to photo it outside with the foliage, but its still raining... So instead you get my 2 favorite girls to show it off! Even with eyes closed, you can't deny their cuteness...

Lola_OneRowScarf_908eyesClosed Sophie_OneRowScarf_908eyesClosed

Sophie even did her best Yoda impression!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend... and try to stay dry!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fill In

Several of my fellow blogging buds do the Friday Fill Ins and I figured I'd play along this week, so here it goes...

1. Fall foliage, festivals, hot apple cider, pumpkins & my birthday are some of the things I'm most looking forward to in October.

2. Sometimes I wish I hadn't reacted so quickly and bitten my lip.

3. Greg Biffle just might run away with the NASCAR Nextel Cup Championship and that's why there is a saying, "never say never"!

4. When I'm down, I usually want to be left alone.

5. At work is where you'll find me most often.

6. A rainy day is good for knitting, soup, watching guilty-pleasure tv, making stitch markers, reading...

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing at home, knitting & watching Dog Town, tomorrow my plans include getting some custom orders done & making more markers for the etsy shop and Sunday, I want to see NO rain so my honey's Coca Cola 100 race is not postponed until next weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Doggie Surprise

A little Doggie Thanks for today's Dogs on Thursday post... The kids wanted to thank their aunty Tanya ...who just so happens to be owner of the awesome Grooming Emporium in Lowell, MA (locals, check it out!)... for their yummy treats!!! Tanya & I met for lunch and like most gushing doggy moms, she was thinking about my kids when she brought a new product she's carrying at the shop for them to try...

Zeus "Aunty Tanya??!! Where? Where??? I miss Aunty...."

Sophie "Mmm... smells yummy......"

Lola "I'll just take this now... yes, the whole package... no, I don't care that its not opened... I'll fix that..." and Teutul "Treats? Someone say treats??"
LolaTut_treats LolaTut_treatsB

ETA: Yes, the dogs enjoyed these healthy treats very much! They are a wonderful alternative to Greenies... check them out!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deuces Wild Scores 1st Place!

OMG... WE WON! Team Deuces Wild won the Dish Rag Tag: The Sequel! Yes, that's my team's box arriving first in Emily's mailbox!!! Our team really kicked butt with a lot of very dedicated members! After being on the 4th place team last year (Lucky 13), and being nudged out of a "medal finish" due to the order that the mail man put the boxes in her mailbox, this was an extra special win! I can't wait to see who's box arrives next at Emily's... go dish raggers, go!

Dynamic & Unafraid...

Your Autumn Test Results
You are a dynamic, vibrant person. You aren't afraid to pursue your passions.

When you are happiest, you are calm. You appreciate tradition and family. You enjoy feeling cozy.

You prefer change to come slowly. You need a long transition period when your life changes.

You find solitude to be the most comforting thing in the world. Being alone with your thoughts feels very peaceful.

Your ideal day is active and full. You like to keep busy with your favorite things, and you appreciate a routine.

You tend to live in the moment. You enjoy whatever is going on, and you don't obsess over the past or future.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank You Knitters...

... and crocheters! A delayed big thank you to all of my wonderful crafty friends who have sent hats for the Chemo Cap drive in honor of my Mom & Dad! Please forgive me for being so late in posting pics of the caps, but they are still trickling in and every time I thought I had a photo of them all, a few more arrived!


For those with a keen attention to detail, yes, that is Tut's nose in the bottom of the pic... keeping a close watch over the caps...

I have 28 -and counting!- beautiful, colorful, amazing caps ready to send up! Mom will personally deliver them to the chemo center where both she and my Dad have had treatments in the past year. I still haven't told her just how many I've collected, so I can't wait for her to find this post!


In no particluar order, special thank you from my family to Dianne, Katie, Grace, Chan, MaryBeth, Gaylen, Nancy, Mary, Joanne, Ellen, Cheryl, and a host of blogless Purling Petals; Sylvia, Marlana, Marlene, Pam, Cheryl and Norma! You ladies are all absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for giving your time & energy to this chemo cap drive! The hearts of knitters are simply amazingly large...

ChemoCaps_808c ChemoCaps_808b

I hope everyone will continue to work on chemo caps and deliver them to your local cancer centers, other cap drives, etc. If anyone doesn't have an outlet, please feel free to send more our way and my Mom will glady deliver them. We actually found out that the cancer center in Gloucester does not currently have any group who knits & donates for them, so they are very much anticipating this delivery!

A quick update... my Dad visited his throat specialist today and although he's still in quite a bit of pain, the doctors say things are progressing well. We will know more after his PET scan on Nov. 12th. He is still using the g-tube and is having a bit of a rough time, but I know he'll get through it... after all, he's my Dad.....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall!

Happy First Day of my favorite time of the year....... Fall!


100_5652 Leaves1007

Sunday, September 21, 2008

When Good Yarn Goes Bad...

There seemed to be a little confusion about the mangled Cherry Tree Hill yarn I mentioned in my last post. No folks, it wasn't just a knot or two... or three or four... it was this...


The yarn was in a nice, neat hank before some doggy-yarn-monster nabbed it. I'm still leaning towards the theory that the sweet Princess thought it was a new buddy.... Nobody has ever touched Mommy's yarn before (with the slight exception of Lola a couple of year ago... I was knitting away when I realized my yarn tension was getting odd ... only to realize the ball I was knitting from fell on the floor and Lola scooped it up and began walking away with it), so I certainly don't have a real problem here. I'm thinking the smell of the hand dyed CTH combined with the doggy allure of a funky hank of soft, squishy stuff called to Sophie... who certainly loves her soft, plush toys (her buddies). Ah well... live and learn. Who could ever be mad at this face?



I spent some time ripping my hair out unraveling the tangled web this afternoon while watching football (I might have ripped some hair out then too... and maybe cursed a little) and the NASCAR race. It was at least an hour and a half and so far I've only managed a ball about half the size of a kiwi. Its gonna be awhile... so I cast on the Chunky Newsboy Cap for some instant gratification. Its about half done, as I stopped to photo some yarn, play with the dogs and just be a bit lazy...

Yesterday we went up to the track for the Searles Family fundraiser. Lola drew the long straw and got to come along. She was in heaven with all the attention between the kids wanting to pet her and the adults who asked over & over again just what type of dog she was (um... 100% pure mutt!).

She tried to steal some poor kid's fries when he walked by had fun watching some racing with her Daddy...

Lola_SH_92008c LolaMatt_SH_92008

Car rides are the best... and she loves her Mommy!

Lola_SH_92008d LolaNic_SH_92008

We were only able to stay for a couple of hours since we had tickets to see
Kooza in Boston last night, however early reports are that the fundraiser was successful in reaching the $10,000 goal for the family! Thank you to our family, friends and local business friends who helped to support it through donations for the raffle & silent auction and purchasing tickets!

As for Kooza... simply amazing! We've been going to the Cirque du Soleil shows for years now and I have to say, I think this was truly one of the best productions we have seen!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mangled Yarn

I think the 365 Dogs a Year calendar is mocking me! Last night I had a similar instance, except it was with (the faint hearted knitters should stop reading here)... a hank of Cherry Tree Hill foxy lady sock yarn... fingering weight. Yes, the stringy mess yarn was given back... actually it was left in an almost unidentifiable pile on the living room floor, nice and full of dog hair too, obviously from a bored dog, or four... Lesson Learned... do not leave tasty, yummy yarns sitting on the coffee table while you dare to ignore a dog go in the other room for 5 minutes. I'm not sure who the culprit is, but Sophie was caught red-pawed with the tag in her mouth... yarn had already been mangled. I've left WIP's and yarn sitting on the coffee table before, but I think the mistake last night was having just returned home and having 4 obnoxious attention-deprived dogs... ugh. At least it wasn't the whole bag of SWTC Bamboo... thankfully! (if anyone has hints on how to rescue such tangled messes without ripping your own hair out, please share...)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Curious Doggies

Happy Doggy Thursday! If you only stop by for DOT posts, please take a minute to hop back a few posts... check out the review (and contest!) of Pure Mutt products, as well as some cute doggies I met in Charlotte and at NHMS.

The kids have been enjoying the cooler temps over the past week and I think they just might love fall as much as their mommy!

We've had lots of critter sightings...


Just what is so cool outside that Lola & Tut are glued to the window like that? [as always, click the dogs' linked names for more new pics]

Chucky808 Chucky808b

That would be Woody... or Chucky... (you can click those photos to enlarge and see the little bugger better). Sophie has also taken up the Chucky-Watching hobby. She'd be quite annoying, sitting there at the window barking and shaking her head, if it weren't for her being so darned cute when she does it...

SophieLola_window808 Sophie_83108c

One thing the kids definitely are not crazy about is terential downpours... which is exactly what we had last weekend, combined with Mommy & Daddy being gone most all of Sat & Sun for the NASCAR races. They weren't too happy.....

Zeus doing his sad-dog look...


Teutul doing his best "I'm not looking!" and Lola trying to give "the look" (she's not as good at it)...

Tut_91408 Lola_wetdog_91408

Sophie with her little dingy, dirty dog comfort buddy...

Sophie_wetdog_91408 Sophie_wetdog_91408c

Enjoy the rest of your "little Friday......"

REVIEW: Pure Mutt

Pure Mutt
Where to Find:
Pure Mutt Inc


Tell the world exactly who you are. One of a Kind.

Pure Mutt is a new company that makes apparel for... well, for mutts and mutt lovers! As a proud mama of 4 mutts, I couldn't wait to find out more about the company and its products!

Pure Mutt's mission is simple and wonderful; to bring awareness to mixed breed dogs and help promote adoption of shelter dogs. A percentage of all profits are donated to Abandoned Pet Rescue, a no kill, non-profit shelter in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


Pure Mutt offers a nice selection of collars & leashes, as well as apparel for both you and your 4-legged furbaby.

The collars & leashes are each come in 2 widths, as well as multiple sizes. They are made of a red nylon webbing, combined with black ribbon featuring the Pure Mutt logo in white - a nice, high quality durable leash and collar. They are also Made in The USA - in New Hampshire to be exact!

Here is my Southern Mutt, Teutul, modeling one of the collars, which you can win!


The 100% cotton bandanas are available in two sizes and several different colors. You can even get one personalized with your pooch's name! Zeus isn't quite sure if yellow is his color, but he thinks its super cool to let the world know just how awesome mutts are!


The doggy t-shirts are also offered in several sizes and colors, as well as a personalized version. What better way to show off your mixed breed pride at the next doggy outing, adoption event or even romping at the dog park?

Of course, there's plenty of apparel options for us humans too... tees in several colors and styles (including ladies!), tanks, camis, a cap and more! All 100% cotton, high quality - get yours now! I will be sporting my ladies pink tee often! Not sure you want to wear your mutt pride across your chest? Pure Mutt also offers decals and a tote bag, which I think I must add to my own "can never have too many" tote collection.

Not only are these products high quality and adorable (love that logo!), but your purchase will help support a great cause.... bringing awareness to the original mutts of the world and helping to support a wonderful rescue. If you think about it, that is really bringing everything full circle each time the rescue adopts another furbaby to his or her forever home!

Show the world you are proud of your canine companion, an original, One of a kind ...

CONTEST! Teutul would like one of his fellow doggy friends to win their very own Pure Mutt collar and show their mixed breed pride! The collar is a wide width in size Large (15 - 24"). Would you and your furbaby like to win? Entry is simple - promise to show the world your love of mutts and leave a comment here (be sure to include a means of contact if your comment doesn't automatically link to your email or blog) telling us who the lucky doggy would be (he/she does not have to be a mutt... we love purebreds too)!


Tut says... What are you waiting for? The deadline to enter is Thursday, Sept. 25th at midnight!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesdays are for knitting

Wednesday is my knitting night. I head over to AKG straight from work and lately, have been stopping at the farm stand on the way to pick up some delicious, fresh (local!) corn on the cob and other veggies. I look forward to my couple hours of knitting and chatting with the girls each week... Wednesday knitting nights help keep me sane and get me thru the long work week... so how about you, do you have a weekly guild? What's your knitting night?

Tonight I'll be working on my Chevron scarf for the Fashionably Late KAL. I'm really pleased with how my color selections are knitting up together...


Lola, on the other hand, didn't seem so interested...


In accordance with my knitting ADD, I haven't finished anything in the past couple weeks... but I've certainly started alot. The Birthday Cowl should certainly be finished by now is coming along quite nicely...

Cowl_91608 Cowl_91608b

For those of you looking for some new stitch markers or fall related items for swaps, please be sure to see my new listings in the Etsy Shop. I've just listed several new sets today, including these...

FallSet3 Knitting Football Dragonfly

Alright... its getting close to quitting time and time for me to get the needles clicking... enjoy the rest of your day!

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