Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stop and Smell...

Happy Wordless Wednesday!  Be sure to stop and smell the roses...

AnnivFlowers_610d AnnivFlowers_610c

All girls love flowers, right?

AnnivFlowers_Sophie_610 AnnivFlowers_Lola_610

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Oh My Dog: How to Choose, Train, Groom, Nurture, Feed, and Care for Your New Best Friend
by Beth Ostroksy Stern
Paperback: 503 pages
Publisher: Gallery Books (May 4, 2010)


Whether you're an experienced pet parent or still searching for your first furbaby, Oh My Dog is the book you'll want to add to your essential summer reading list.  A straightforward, accessible guide to take you through every step of dog ownership, Oh My Dog is as fun as it is practical to read.

Oh My Dog takes us through the entire process of dog ownership, starting with "So You Want a Dog?" and ending with "Emergencies, First Aid and Saying Goodbye."  In between you'll find chapters on Training & Behavior, Health, Nutrition, Grooming and Bonding.  While some of the discussions may seem a bit trivial, even comical, to experienced dog owners, I think Oh My Dog has something to offer for all pet parents. 

Author Beth Ostrosky Stern teamed up with multiple experts in the animal world to put together this comprehensive guide that is bursting with informative side bars, questionnaires, to-do lists and so much more!  Although, Beth certainly does not claim to be any expert, nor expect you to take her book word-for-word.  I was impressed to read this as part of her introduction: ".. in no way do I intend to replace or undermine the roles of vets, trainers and other schooled experts.  I'd actually feel relieved if you'd consider this book an informed starting point for continued conversation with someone who holds a degree in aniaml care."

Beth goes on to say, "I've always loved dogs and the community they promote... Each one brings its own special charm to our lives, especially when we keep an open mind and realistic perspective.  So determine what you need from this book, ignore what you wish, and most important, enjoy the process.  In no time, you'll be doling out advice to clueless owners too."

So pick up a copy for yourself or give one as a gift to your friend who's trying to decide on just what type of dog to adopt this summer.  Chuckle along with Beth as she tells you about her own dog, Bianca Romijn-Stamos-O'Connell-Ostrosky-Stern (just don't try to say that one ten times fast!)... and smile and nod while you read along thinking "yes!" and "so true.."

About the Author: Beth Ostrosky Stern is a spokesperson for the North Shore Animal League of America, the world's largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. She is also involved with The Wildlife Rescue in The Hamptons and English Bulldog Rescue on Long Island. Ostrosky Stern has graced the pages of many magazines and appears regularly on network morning and daytime talk shows.  She lives in New York with her husband, Howard Stern, their dog, Biance and their recently adopted cat, Apple.  Visit her at

Friday, June 25, 2010

Smile, it's Friday!

TGIF!  Smile... the weekend is about to start!


Yes, that's yet another shot from the NH Sheep & Wool Festival... I guess two posts this week weren't enough. 

Time for a little Friday Fill-Ins...

1. On vacation, I like to explore and see as much as possible.

2. I don't swim in the ocean, but I sure love to walk on the beach and dunk my feet in.

3. One of my favorite vacation spots is Charlotte, NC.

4. You can always tell when it's a full moon, the crazies will be out in full force!

5. Up, up and away with the ridiculousness.

6. Bananas - do not try to feed them to Zeus... the big guy actually cried the last time I put some in his food bowl.


7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner with family, tomorrow my plans include NHMS and Sunday, I want to see Smoke or Ryan win at NHMS!

And, just because... I'll share one more!  Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

REVIEW: Casey Jones Bones

Casey Jones Bones
Where to Find: The Dog Bonery


Located in the scenic Lakes Region of New Hampshire, The Dog Bonery produces all natural dog treats under the name "Casey Jones Bones." 

Casey Jones Bones are available in both small and large sized bone-shaped treats, in three standard flavors; peanut butter, cheese, and pumpkin.  The Lapdogs had the pleasure of taste-testing the Cheese (in large) and Peanut Butter (in small) flavors and boy were they pleased! So much so that *someone* forgot to snap photos of them with the treats before both boxes were devoured!  You'll have to trust me when I say they look great and were well loved.   You know what that means - Casey Jones Bones have received the 16 Paws Up Seal of Approval!  As for the sizes, both work well for my pack and both can easily be broken in half if you have smaller dogs. 


The Dog Bonery prides itself on using fresh, wholesome ingredients and making Casey Jones Bones from scratch.  There is nothing artificial.  There are no preservatives.  You can feel good about giving these treats to your dogs!  Casey Jones Bones are made in small batches and therefore, you may see some variation in size, color or shape. 

Lending both his namesake and likeness to these fabulous treats is the one and only, Casey Jones himself.  Casey Jones loves to run in the fields of New Hampshire, hike the trails of the White Mountains, ride in the car and relax on his favorite bed.  If you're in the Granite State and happen to see a big yellow, jolly dog running in a field or hiking a trail, stop and ask if it's Casey Jones... you just might have a celebrity sighting on your hands!

Casey Jones was so happy to hear that his treats were going to be reviewed by the Lapdogs, that he urged his humans to share something extra special with us... a Special Offer of 20% off your entire order!  Simply hop on over to their website, select your items and during the check-out process, enter Lapdog in the coupon code field and you will receive 20% off your entire order! While you're there, you might want to wish Mr. Casey Jones a very Happy Birthday!  That's right, the big guy will be turning 3 on July 3rd!

What are you waiting for?  Your pack is drooling for some treats and the Lapdogs suggest you order... now!  We'll be placing our order soon, as the Lapdogs heard the mention of the p-word (pumpkin for those of you not in the know) and immediately gave several stares and head tilts... I think that means "Mom, order pumpkin stat!"  And yes, we'll get some more of the cheese and peanut butter too...

CONTEST WINNER! Around the Corner Crochet Borders

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter to win a copy of Around the Corner Crochet Borders! The winner has been choosen by random number generator... and the winner is...

Here are your random numbers: 4

Number 4 is Anita!  Congratulations!!!

If you didn't win, you can snag a copy from Amazon by clicking on the link to the left!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday for Ewe

Happy Wordless Wednesday!  I'll share some more shots from the NH Sheep & Wool Festival (plenty more in yesterday's post).

NHSheepWool_5810n NHSheepWool_closeup_5810g

NHSheepWool_BABY_5810 NHSheepWool_flirt_5810c

NHSheepWool_5810d NHSheepWool_5810j

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alpaca and Goats and Sheep... Oh My!

I'm certainly late in posting my photos from the NH Sheep & Wool Festival, but hope you'll forgive me while you enjoy this picture heavy post...

Everywhere you looked, it was cuteness, handsomeness, and loveliness... 
NHSheepWool_closeup_5810b NHSheepWool_5810e

NHSheepWool_5810h NHSheepWool_5810l

NHSheepWool_closeup_5810i NHSheepWool_closeup_5810

There were adorable babies...

NHSheepWool_BABY_5810i NHSheepWool_5810c

There were perpetual looking babies, aka Angora Goats...

NHSheepWool_AngoraGoats_5810 NHSheepWool_AngoraGoats_5810b

If there was an award for festival flirt, this guy won hoofs down!

NHSheepWool_flirt_5810 NHSheepWool_flirt_5810b

There were even friends and fiber and yarn!  The fabulous Heather of Sereknity was on hand with a beauteous booth, bursting of color...

Sereknity_5810b NicHeather_5810

Matt even made a friend or two...


Are you bored yet?  If not, come back tomorrow for a little Part 2 just in time for Wordless Wednesday.....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer

Happy 1st Day of Summer....... and happy countdown to the fabulous fall weather that I can't wait for (yeah, yeah... I know, you all love the heat, but I say ick, bring on the fall temps)!

Roses_61810b Roses_61810

I'm a little swamped over here, so for today I just wanted to share these beautiful roses I spotted at a little beach cottage.  I managed to snap a few pics while working at a location that's far prettier than my office last week, although trust me when I say it is still work.  Although it's given me some pretty photos lately (I'll share the nesting dove with you later).  Aren't beachy-roses gorgeous?


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cookies for all

Happy Dogs on Thursday, Thankful Thursday, Little Friday or whatever it is that you celebrate on this day that brings us all one step closer to the weekend! 

Teutul and Lola are patiently looking for the weekend to begin (or maybe they're just waiting on the UPS man to bring them more treats and toys to review)...


Zeus, wondering if he stares long and hard enough, perhaps someone might come home with more of these colorful spring C-O-O-K-I-E-S...
Zeus_52510 4Cookies_Zeus_52810

Sophie deciding which one will taste the best...


Lola just says I'll take 'em all, while Teutul looks on and tells her just what he thinks of that!  Fine, she'll take one and then go find her favorite sun spot..


Zeus says be sure and take a big 'ole bite out of the weekend... enjoy!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poolside Squirrel

Happy Wordless Wednesday!  A little wildlife enounter I had last Friday...



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

REVIEW: Think Pawsitive Dog Treats

Think Pawsitive Dog Treats
Whec to Find: Think Pawsitive Dog Snacks

"Organic Treats Made by Loving Hands for Healthy Paws"

The 4-legged Lapdog reviewers sure have been hard at work lately taste testing t-r-e-a-t-s, the latest being from Think Pawsitive Dog Snacks

 ThinkPawsitive_4Dogs_510 ThinkPawsitive_Tut_510

Based out of Massachusetts, Think Pawsitive is the brain child of Sean (a life-long dog lover), his fiance Greia ("as in sangria") and their friend Shawn (a pop culture junkie).  The three combine to make healthy and tasty treats that will leave dogs begging for more - just ask their own 4-legged taste testers, Toby and Tek!  All of the ingredients used are organic and human grade - meaning everything that goes into Think Pawsitive treats can be consumed by humans. 

The Lapdogs had the pleasure of testing 3 of the Think Pawsitive cookie varieties; Snickerpaws, Carrot Cake and Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Carob Chip. 


Snickerpaws smell just as delightful as they sound... and judging by the Lapdogs reaction, taste even more delightful!  The smell of apple, cinnamon and honey bursts out as soon as you open the package.  The adorable puppy-dog shape is the perfect size treat for my pack, however you can easily break the cookies into smaller bites if needed. 

The Carrot Cake cookies smell just as wonderful - and good enough for humans to want to sample!  Of course they contain organic carrot, nutmeg and honey, but there's a little extra twist... organic pineapple!  Due to the fresh produce used, Think Pawsitive does recommend that the Carrot Cake cookies be stored in the fridge and used within three weeks of receipt. 
Think Pawsitive's newest recipe is a Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Carob Chip cookie.  With an emerging market for gluten-free pet products, they've come up with something for your pooch that tastes as good as it looks! 


Think Pawsitive is a socially-minded company who not only gives us an option of healthy, all natural treats to feed to our pets, but also allows us to do good for the environment as well.  The paper-based components of their packaging use non-bleached cardboards, which are completely recyclable.  In addition, their Cookie Canister Club helps to reduce packaging as well as save you money!  For $4.95 you purchase an environmentally friendly canister for you to store your Think Pawsitive treats in (you can see a canister in the above photo). In exchange Think Pawsitive will send you a discount code good for 15% off of your total purchase of ANY items you order from them... for life!  Truly a win-win situation - you will have your canister to keep treats fresh when you receive them and Think Pawsitive will be using less of our planet’s limited resources.

A New England based business and healthy, organic treats that the Lapdogs love - and proudly give a 16 Paws Up rating to.  In fact, they're so good that Lola even wanted to run away with the box...

ThinkPawsitive_Lola_510b ThinkPawsitive_Lola_510c

What more could one ask for?  How about the fact that Think Pawsitive gives 2% of their gross sales to animal charities and shelters! 


What are you waiting for? Order some for your pups today... they even offer free shipping on all orders over $25.

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