Thursday, June 21, 2018

Find Lapdog Creations on our Social Channels

You may have noticed we haven't been posting much on the blog lately... but don't worry, we haven't gone anywhere!

dogs golden retriever beagle senior summer cute puppy

We have noticed a trend in folks reading blogs less and less these days... and we get it. There are some who are more interested in scrolling through photos or videos - us too, especially those cute doggy pictures (we love Instagram). And, there are those who just prefer to get information quickly and concisely - again, us too.

So... long story short, we have been spending more time on our social media accounts and less time writing long blog posts that you may or may not have the time to read.  We've also been spending a lot of time at nosework and ratting trials, where Penny is racking up the awards like they're going out of style!

doberman rescue dog nosework scent work sports canine

In addition to our regular topics and reviews of all things dog (and dog Mom) related, we're also still hosting a lot of amazing giveaways... again, we've just moved them over to our social channels.

So... in order to keep up with Penny's sporting adventures, Sophie's deck lounging, and Teutul's daily grind, make sure you're following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!!

1 comment:

Sue said...

I started blogging as a journal for myself and still use it that way. I really hate all the nastiness on the other social media sites, so I check in on fb once or twice a week but I'll stick with my little blog even if nobody reads it. I do miss your reviews and giveaways.

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