Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Attack of the Styrofoam Head

Happy Wordless Wednesday!  I was doing a photo shoot of knit hats for etsy and had set down my new styrofoam head for a minute.  Shortly after I heard Zeus carrying on, woofing up a storm.  I turned around and realized he had come around the side of the truck to discover the evil intruder...




Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maverick the Snuggle Puppy

Happy Tuesday!  Excuse another drive-by post, but I've been a little busy the past few days.  I know I still owe you lots of cute puppy photos of Addie and will get those soon, but in the meantime meet our new houseguest, Maverick

Maverick_22612c Maverick_22612b

Little Maverick is a 13 week old dachshund / spaniel / something mix who is looking for his forever home.  Are you interested?

Maverick_22612h Maverick_22612g

He thinks the Lapdogs are all cool big brothers and sisters...

SophieTutZeus_Maverick_22612 TutLolaSophie_Maverick_22612

ZeusTutLola_Maverick_22512 TutLola_Maverick_22612

He loves hanging out on with Lola...

Lola_Maverick_22612i Lola_Maverick_22612k

Lola_Maverick_22612j Lola_Maverick_22612g

He gives Sophie kisses...

Sophie_Maverick_22612 Sophie_Maverick_22612b

Maverick is the ultimate snuggler.  He must be with his humans and loves to snuggle up and fall asleep.  Lola usually snuggles up to watch TV with me as well... fortunately Maverick doesn't take up too much space.
Maverick_22612d Lola_Maverick_22612c

Zeus has taken on the role of Maverick's personal giant...

Zeus_Maverick_22512 Zeus_Maverick_22612
Zeus_Maverick_22612d Zeus_Maverick_22612b

Like most clumsy little pups, Maverick doesn't quite understand cameras... which makes for some uber cute puppy nose pics!  Don't forget... he is available for adoption for all of you sitting at home ooohing and ahhing right now!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Harper, aka Sophie's Mini-Me

Happy Dogs on Thursday / Thorsday / Thankful Thursday / Little Friday / Race Day!  I find it a little ironic that I'm able to be at home watching the Gatorade Duels today.  After several years of listening to the races on the radio in my office (and wishing I was at home),  today I will be watching them at home while surfing Monster and LinkedIn for possible job opportunities.

In between sending off resumes, I've been working on getting caught up on my photos.  I promise to kill you with cuteness share some of last week's house guest Addie soon, but in the meantime I finally got through the rest of little Harper (formerly Kelly) while she was here and wanted to share some more (you know me and photos... I have plenty).  She is such a cute little furball, after all. 

Harper_121611c Harper_121611e

Harper was Sophie's little mini-me.  They were best buds, nearly inseparable...

SophieHarper_121811d SophieHarper_121811

SophieHarper_121511d SophieHarper_121311

Burrowing puppy!  Yes, Harper did this all on her own.  I was doing something on the computer and looked over to find her and Tut hanging out like this...

TutHarper_121211b Harper_121211c

Lola really enjoyed her nap buddy as well... when they weren't wrestling & romping!

LolaHarper_121711e LolaHarper_121711c


This is probably one of my all time favorite photos... my girls & Harper enjoying a morning sun spot.  Could life get any sweeter?


Harper was, of course, one spoiled little girl while she was with us. As you can see, she learned to go for car rides in style... with bed, blankie and Mr. Spider toy!

Harper_121711g Harper_121711j

I still can't believe Harper was with us for a full month and that no one scooped her up sooner!  We almost failed at fostering...

NicHarper_121711c Matt_Harper_121811b

Such a pretty little lady... with those little white "socks" for feet.

Harper_121811 Harper_121611

She tried her hardest to get Zeus to play with her.  He really wasn't interested, but humored her anyway...


If you've kept up with Harper's story on here, you know that she landed in the perfect forever home and we couldn't be happier!  We've been able to go visit twice now, which is a real pleasure.  It's wonderful to see how wiggly & excited she gets to see us and how much she loves her parents (not to mention how much they love her!).  She's a happy little girl who loves her home, yet she still remembers and loves us too!  I'll never forget the first visit when she was dashing all around the house, so happy to show us her home... her bed, her crate, her toys... she would go to each spot and stop to make sure we were paying attention.  It was absolutely adorable! 

The last time we visited, we took both Lola and Sophie with us.  Some of you may know that Sophie is our extremely shy little girl and we've been told that Harper is also very shy.  Her parents wanted us to bring Sophie for a visit and I jumped at the chance to see how Sophie would react upon seeing her little buddy.  Normally she hates strange places and will just freeze... and drool.  Well, I'm very happy to report that Sophie went right on into their house and was almost as excited to see Harper as Harper was to see her!  She played with her a bit, then sat and watched for awhile... but best of all, Sophie actually took treats from Harper's Mom!  You have to understand that Sophie has never taken treats from anyone but us before.  This was a huge breakthrough and the pooches had a great time too...

Here are a few photos from our visit.  You can see how much Harper has grown (keeping in mind the above pictures are from mid-December) and she seems to be taken on more of a mini-collie/shepherd look.


HarperSophie_2412e HarperSophie_2412c


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When Good Trees Attack

Happy Wordless Wednesday!  Have you ever seen a tree impale the ground?



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