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Have a Spooky Day

From the Lapdog Household to Yours...
Happy Halloween!

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REVIEW: FROMM Four-Star Nutritionals Dog Treats

FROMM Four-Star Nutritionals

Grain-Free Parmesan Cheese Recipe

Where to Find:


The Lapdogs couldn't wait to bark all about it... Our buddies over at have sent us yet another delicious treat to try!  This time it is FROMM Four-Star Nutritionals Grain-Free Parmesan Cheese Recipe treats. 

Fromm_Tut_101413_CROPWe just love so much about these treats, where shall we begin? 

First of all, FROMM has been family owned and operated in Wisconsin since 1904.  In fact, they are the world's first and oldest family-owned and operated premium pet food company. FROMM specializes in finely crafted pet food and treats, and they stand behind every product with a money back guarantee.   

Second, these amazing smelling treats are made right here in the good 'ole USA.  Oven baked with fresh Wisconsin parmesan cheese, vegetables and a touch of oregano, I kid you not when I say they smell so amazing that you will wish they were made for humans!  They certainly had all four Lapdogs lined up, drooling for more.

Third, the Parmesan Cheese Recipe treats are grain-free.  This little tidbit has come to be so important to so many pet families in recent years.  While we still have some "regular" treats in our household, I tend to be buying more and more of the grain-free varieties these days.  Not only do I have two allergy-prone hounds in the pack, I just think all four dogs seem to do better with them.

Fromm_Sophie_101413_CROPI can go on and on telling you how much the Lapdogs loved these delicious little bites, but I think the pictures speak for themselves (that is, the pictures I was able to snap before they gobbled up the crunchy cookies).  We are certainly going to be adding FROMM treats to our regular rotation going forward.  With several other grain-free flavors available, my kids surely won't get bored... Salmon with Sweet Potato, Chicken with Carrots & Peas, and Lamb with Cranberry are all on our list. 

We urge you to grab a bag - or two - for your pack today!  Ordering is easy over at and 1-2 day shipping is absolutely free when you spend $49 or more!  Do a little early holiday shopping while you're at it... we're sure there's some well deserving furbabies on your gift giving list.

Disclosure: sent a bag of FROMM Four-Star Nutritionals treats to Lapdog Creations, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

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How to Furnish Your Home if You Have Pets

Disclosure: The following sponsored, guest post was not written by me.  I will receive compensation for this post. 

How to Furnish Your Home if You Have Pets

People love to have pets in their homes. Furry friends are often man’s best friend and having a dog or a cat in the home can truly bring someone a lot of happiness. However, there is a downside that comes with pet ownership. Pet owners must already know that I’m referring to furniture!

Furnishing a home while keeping pets can be difficult because pets are often guilty of causing damage to expensive pieces of furniture like leather couches or Persian rugs.

There are some options for someone who keeps pets though, and they involve careful protective measures as well as some creative distractions for the pet. We’re going to go through some of the most common defence methods here in this article.

What material to buy?

Contrary to popular belief, leather is a great option for a house that has pets. Fur has a hard time sticking to leather so it is easy to clean. While leather can get scratched by a cat or big dog, this can be remedied by a few of the options well go through next. Leather couches also don’t retain animal dander the way a fabric based couch would, so it makes a lot more sense to go the leather route, even if it can be a bit pricier.

Protect the furniture

Often, the furniture is expensive and the owner worry about even smaller cosmetic damage like pet urine or vomit. To protect the furniture, purchase a sofa cover or chair cover and keep the furniture material safe underneath. This enables the material to last much longer as well as giving you a much easier time to clean it. When it comes time to wash the cover, just take it off and throw it into the machine and in a few hours your protection is as fresh as it was before. A simple tool like the sofa cover even provides a decent level of protection from cat claws and dirtier dogs. It is a great and cheap supplement in your defense against pet damage! At night when you cannot keep a close eye on your pets’ behavior, ensure that you have provided Dog Beds & Mats that will keep your pet happy and prevent potential damage to your furniture.  You can find some dog beds at Swallow Aquatics.

Distracting the pets

The pets can be well trained when it comes to their bodily functions and they should be. A dog that cannot hold its bladder has been poorly raised and will inevitably cause damage to furniture in the home because the owner was neglectful in training. Avoid this by making sure your pets are all taught at a young age to respect the house.

But of course, even good and well behaved pets can be messy or destructive when they play. Cats, for example, have an annoying habit of sharpening their claws everywhere. Distract those kitties with a scratching post or multiple posts throughout your home. Place them in the vicinity of the furniture so they are more likely to go to the post instead of the coach. Keep plenty of toys so that the pets don’t start using the furniture as an amusing and expensive (for you) way to stay entertained.

Pets can be handful and are often like small children in their innocence, and messiness. While they can be hard to handle, some of these steps can go a long way to protecting your home form the damage your pets can cause!

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Black & White Sunday: Senior Style

Happy Sunday... the seniors hope you get to relax a little today!


Lola, my cowl model #yarnpadc #knitstagram #dogstagram

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Birthday Boy Hits Double-Digits!

Oh my, where has the time flown?  My little boy is 10 today!

Happy 10th Birthday Teutul!

It seems like just yesterday my friend was talking me into fostering this black and tan fuzzball...

Teutul_babyFootball Teutul_baby2004
TutCharm Teutul_baby2004b

He's a true fall baby, just like his Mama...

"Where oh where did that #leaf go?" #dogstagram #dogs #fall #leaves #instadog #hound #rescue #adoptdontshop #picoftheday Tut getting his leaf peeping on... #dogstagram #coonhoundmix #fall #love

But no matter what season it is, he just loves the outdoors...

Soaking up the afternoon #sun  #dogstagram #dogs #rescue #adoptdontshop #mutt #hound #petstagram #yard #instadog #lazy #relax It's sooooo cold this morning, even Tut wants back inside! #dogstagram #hound #adoptdontshop #snow #newengland #winter

I don't know which word is more fitting, ham or goofball?

Tut_9_102512k  Who's the real alien here? #coonhoundmix #dogtoys Stay tuned for our upcoming #review  #dogstagram #alien #toocute #dogs

He loves his siblings, and reminds them all that he's still the baby... even if Sophie is the real baby. 


Hound Dog Pig Pile! #hounds #rescue #adoptdontshop #dogs #dogstagram #love #lazy #cuddle Untitled

He's a big sports fan... New England rules, of course!


Teutul, being Tut...

Lazy day aground the house = happy Tut #dogstagram #coonhoundmix #adoptdontshop #rescue #lazy #paw Got our new @barkbox today...don't know why they put these felted toys in again. Not even 5 minutes later... #notgoodforrealdogs

He loves to cuddle in my lap, especially on lazy mornings, but prefers his Daddy's shoulder at night while watching TV...

Cuddly, Smiley LapHound... #dogstagram #adoptdontshop #rescue #hound #lapdog #happydog #love My lap right now... Over cuddly Tut wants to know why his sister isn't home.Trying to get some #knitting time in and this happens #dogstagram #lap #coonhoundmix #knit #handmade #relax Smiling Lapdog #dogstagram #smile #lazySunday #coonhoundmix #adoptdontshop #love #snuggles

He is always happy to go to work, reviewing items for the blog...
  Happy Birthday Baby Boy!


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REVIEW: Throw The Damn Ball

Throw The Damn Ball

Classic Poetry by Dogs

by R.D. Rosen, Harry Prichett, and Rob Battles

Hardcover: 142 Pages

Publisher:  Plume (October 29, 2013)


Love dogs?  Love humor?  Love poetry?  Let me introduce you to your favorite new book, Throw The Damn Ball - Classic Poetry By Dogs

Throw The Damn Ball is a hilarious collection that will have any dog lover rolling on the floor, laughing out loud.  Bestselling authors R.D. Rosen, Harry Prichett, and Rob Battles have teamed up once again to bring you the wittiest, wise-cracking dog poetry ever.  You may recognize the titles of some of their previous collaborations; Bad Dog, Bad Cat and Bad President.
"Borrowing heavily from the classic poets including Yeats, Dickinson and Frost, the poems in this volume reflect every dog's concerns: love, loss, friendship..."
Not only is each poem "channeled" through a smarter-than-the-average-human canine, each is also accompanied by full color photos of these witty dogs in odd, cheeky and funny poses and costumes.  Perhaps, the photos alone will have many LOLing.  If not, just look at some of the titles...
  • Paw Ditty
  • Scratch Me Arse
  • Dreaming of Booty
  • Hamburger Helpless
  • Licking My Balls on a Snowy Evening
  • Ode To Errands
Pick up a copy of Throw The Damn Ball today... or better yet, pick up two.  It makes the perfect stocking stuffer for literary dog lovers on your holiday list!

About the Authors: R.D. Rosen is the Edgar Award-winning author of Strike Three You’re Dead and other Harvey Blissberg mysteries, plus several nonfiction books.  Harry Prichett has written and performed for the improv comedy group Chicago City Limits, and is the voice you often hear on television and radio commercials.  Rob Battles, who has written and produced for public radio stations and National Public Radio, is a senior vice president for a large, forward-looking media company.
Together, Rosen, Prichett and Battles wrote the bestselling Bad Dog, Bad Baby, Bad President, and (with Jim Edgar) Bad Cat.

Disclaimer: Plume sent a complimentary copy of Throw The Damn Ball to Lapdog Creations for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Amazing Autumn

Yup, it's still fall and we're still loving it...

Tut getting his leaf peeping on... #dogstagram #coonhoundmix #fall #love

Last night #sky #tree #fall #leaves

Day 15 #october #yarnpadc Edible - #apples at the #farmstand

Zeus leaf peeping #dogstagram #fall #love

My windshield this morning #fall #foliage #newengland #leaf #raindrops

Gorgeous #sky #moon last night #fall #trees #newengland

Good foggy morning! #fall #foliage #leaves #newengland

GIVEAWAY WINNER! Shutterfly Gift Card

Thank you to everyone who entered to win the $50 Shutterfly Gift Card!


The winner has been chosen by Rafflecopter... Congratulations to Jen & her newfies!  I can't wait to see what you create!

Stay tuned... reviews coming soon include Woodland Knits, Planet Dog holiday items, Wonderlace, Throw the Damn Ball, dog themed tees and more!

GIVEAWAY WINNER! Lace One-Skein Wonders

Thank you to everyone who entered to win a copy of Lace One-Skein Wonders!

The winner has been chosen by Rafflecopter... Congratulations to Jenn!  Here's to trying something new and expanding your knitting horizons.

Stay tuned... reviews coming soon include Woodland Knits, Planet Dog holiday items, Wonderlace, Throw the Damn Ball, dog themed tees and more!

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GIVEAWAY: Shutterfly Gift Card

Shutterfly Gift Card


Fall is upon us and you know what that means... the holidays are getting ready to 'round the corner!  Unless you've been hibernating, you can't help but notice the holiday decorations, gifts and candy that have already taken over the stores (hello Home Depot and your Christmas tree forest that was set up in September).  I thought it might be funny to give out Christmas candy on Halloween this year... but then again, we'd actually need Trick 'or Treaters to come to our house for anyone besides me to laugh. 

Have you started prepping for the busy holiday season yet?  Perhaps by gift buying, or list writing, or even food planning?  When it comes to gifts, I tend to pick up things here and there throughout the year as I find unique items... and, as a knitter, I've always got gifts on my needles as well.  That means my official "kick off" to the holiday season doesn't involve shopping for gifts, but instead it is picking out and ordering our holiday cards.  I have been using Shutterfly for years now and absolutely love their huge selection, not to mention the amazing quality.


No matter what your style, you'll find a holiday card that suits you perfectly at Shutterfly.  Is your style classic, with traditional colors, aspirational sentiments and iconic illustrations?   Maybe you're more contemporary, using texture and layering, shine and glitter, and trendy colors?  If humor and nostalgia come together at your house, one of the whimsy cards will fit in just perfectly.  Want to showcase your religion with incorporated stories and metallic type?   You'll find hundreds of cards, all waiting to be personalized with your photos, family member names and that personal touch that just screams "you."  Check out the entire Shutterfly 2013 Holiday Card Collection here


Shutterfly has even added some new things for 2013, including 5x7 tri-fold cards and back of card designs.  The tri-fold cards look like so much fun...

TRIFOLDCARD_5X7-139017-8493-MERCHLARGE_FRONT-v1379551070000168871 TRIFOLDCARD_5X7-139046-8460-MERCHLARGE_FRONT-v1379551102000167427

But wait, there's more... Shutterfly is not just for cards!  They have a wide selection of photo gifts too!  You can personalize everything from mugs and cell phone cases to pillows and blankets to puzzles and desk organizes.  There are even growth charts and wall art options, and of course, you can turn your photos into Christmas ornaments as well.


I can't wait to design our 2013 Christmas card!  I've been working on my photo selection and have several Shutterfly card designs in mind.  As you can see, I've scattered some of my favorites throughout this post.  I'm still chuckling out loud over the "Definitely Naughty" headline just above... would make a very cute Lapdog card, wouldn't it?  I adore the whimsy aspect of the "Spread Cheer" card.  Those colors are very unexpected for a holiday card and with the photos used in the example, it has a fun 70's vibe.  Of course, how could I not adore the "Woofing You a Perfect Holiday" card... However, I'm still in awe over those chic tri-fold cards as well.  Decisions, decisions... just what will we be sending out in two short months?

Have you caught the holiday spirit by reading this post?  Ready to design your own personalized holiday cards?  Would a $50 gift certificate put you in a festive mood?  Thanks to the Shutterly elves, Christmas is going to come a little early for one lucky reader!  Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter, however please be sure to leave a comment on this post below answering the question found in the Rafflecopter.  The question answer is mandatory.  The other steps are optional, but will gain you extra entries.  One lucky reader will win a $50 off their total Shutterly order plus free shipping!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. I am being compensated with free product for helping spread the word about their 2013 holiday card collection and photo gifts, but Lapdog Creations only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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