Sunday, January 31, 2016

Easy Like Sunday Morning #BlackandWhiteSunday

Could it really be?  The end of January has arrived... already?

That was fast. 

Sophie thinks everyone should slow down a little today and take it easy...

Sophie, 9 year old rescued hound mix #EasyLikeSundayMorning #LapdogCreations

Easy Like Sunday Morning.

Friday, January 29, 2016

One Year Later #CancerBites

Some days it seems like just yesterday, while others it seems like ions ago.

In reality, it was one year ago today that my heart was ripped from my chest and the tears flowed uncontrollably as we said goodbye to the sweetest girl in the world

Lola, Doberman mix rescued dog, forever in my heart #LapdogCreations

Old Lady Lola modeling #handknit shawl #dobermanmix #LapdogCreations

My sweet Lola, oh how I love and miss you so. 

Lola, Doberman smiles #LapdogCreations

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kibble Drop - Play With Your Food #Chewy #OutwardHound

Disclosure: Chewy sent an Outward Hound Kibble Drop to Lapdog Creations, free of charge, for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

My mother always told me not to play with my food.

It's a good thing all of my kids have four legs because not only do I let my kids play with their food, I've actually been encouraging them to do so!

Our friends at sent an Outward Hound Kibble Drop toy over for us to test out and we've been having a blast with it.  (note: at the time of this post, the Kibble Drop was currently out of stock at Chewy, so if you click that link and get a "not currently available" message, please try again in a couple of days)

Excuse Me, The Kibble Drop Seems to be Empty - Please Refill? - Penny #OutwardHound #LapdogCreations #doggames

Just like us humans, our dogs get bored.  They need playtime, stimulation and to be challenged. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Smile, You Smile, We All Smile for Coconut Smiles #Chewy #DrHarvey

Disclosure: Chewy sent a bag of Dr. Harvey's Coconut Smiles to Lapdog Creations, free of charge, for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

It's no secret that the Lapdogs wait - ready to commence uber drooling - for the nice man in the little white van to drop off their box each month.  He must think they are extra special and pretty spoiled... and he's not wrong.

This month we received the delicious treats we're about to share with you, as well as a fun brain-game that we'll be telling you about in a few days, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

Today it's all about the smiles...

Sophie and Penny are all smiles for Dr. Harvey's Coconut Smiles - Lapdog Creations #dogtreats #organic #Chewy #DrHarvey #coconutfordogs

Monday, January 25, 2016

Foster Updates = Happy Smiles #RescuedDogs #AdoptDontShop

Happy Monday! 

While the Lapdogs recover from the Patriots loss yesterday, and uh-hum, Mama gets to work typing up some reviews, we thought today would be a great day to share a few photo updates from our extended foster families.

Besides, there's nothing quite like the smile I get when I see our foster babies living the good life in their forever homes.  #ThisIsRescue

***Housekeeping Note: Be sure to click the "click here to continue reading this post" on our posts from now on in order to view the entire post***

First up, is an adorable little man who spent time at the Lapdog house in 2012... Booth!

#RescuedDogs #AdoptDontShop #FosterDogs #ThisIsRescue #DogRescue - Lapdog Creations

Boo-man and his sister were watching the Pats game yesterday too...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Let's Go #PatriotsNation #BlackandWhiteSunday

It's Sunday... Sunday... Sunday....
You know what that means...
Playoff Football... Football... Football!!!!

Penny's got her #PatriotsNation team colors on!

Doberman Mix Rescued Puppy wearing New England Patriots Hat #PatriotsNation #DoYourJob #adoptdontshop #PETriots - Lapdog Creations

Teutul and Sophie are game ready and showing their team spirit too...

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow Nose, Don't Care #ThankfulThursday

In case you missed it, Penny loves snow.

rescued Doberman puppy mix loves the New England snow - Lapdog Creations

Cold and wind, not so much. 

I call this little video "Penny vs The Wind."

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

We Choose Cosequin For Healthy Joints #Chewy

Disclosure: Chewy sent a bag of Nutramax Cosequin DS to Lapdog Creations, free of charge, for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

When our friends at asked us to take the 30 Day Nutramax Cosequin Challenge, I knew Sophie was the right candidate.

Cosequin Helps Keep Sophie's Joints Healthy - Keep Your Pet's Joints Healthy Too! - Lapdog Creations
Although Sophie had shown no real signs of joint issues, it was the perfect time to start her on a quality supplement that would help to maintain her joint function and existing cartilage. After all, having just turned 9 years old, she's certainly reached "little old lady" status - whether she'll admit it or not! 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dogs and Snow #BlackAndWhiteSunday

Now that Penny has finally had her first few tastes of snow, I can safely say...

My Southern Belle loves the white stuff!

Doberman Puppy loves playing in the snow - Lapdog Creations

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dog Moms Who Knit #ThankfulThursday

Is it really Thursday already?
Are you a Dog Mom (or Dad) who knits?
Are we getting more snow this weekend?

Those are just a few of the questions I'm pondering this morning.  I'm not sure how we made it to Thursday already, but I also don't really care.  A dear friend of mine used to refer to Thursday as "Little Friday," but these days Thursday is my Friday when it comes to the day job.  And yes, that makes the Lapdogs very happy.

I'm wondering how many of you can relate to the "u mooovvvv dat from ur lapz so Iz can getz in" look?

Doberman Puppy Wants to Sit in Mommy's Lap - Lapdog Creations

Even if you don't knit, I'm sure you can relate.  Penny's need to cuddle easily adapts to any pastime... just replace my yarn and needles with your book / tablet / magazine, bead working, needlepoint... maybe even one of those adult coloring books that's all the rage (I've got three that have yet to be cracked open).

Besides the fact that today is Thankful Thursday, and both knitting and cuddly dogs top my list every week, I am hoping to learn more about YOU, my readers, today.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Thursday, January 07, 2016

National Train Your Dog Month

Did You Know...

January is National Train Your Dog Month

Don't worry if you had no idea.  Neither did I until I researched some creative content ideas.

Penny is the first dog I have done organized training with and I have to say, I love it - and so does she!  I think it's even safe to say that we're both a little addicted.

Penny graduated from Puppy Class at Petco in August...

Doberman Puppy at Petco Puppy Training Class - Lapdog Creations

We enrolled her for the socialization while we waited for our planned Basic Obedience class to start at another facility. I was a little disappointed that there was only one other puppy in her class, but Penny had a blast... and she showed us all just how much of a smarty-pants she was.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

#PupCrate Delivers Joy Every Month + COUPON CODE

Disclosure: PupCrate sent a December subscription box to Lapdog Creations, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own. 

We were recently asked to review a PupCrate box and jumped at the chance.  After all, who doesn't love a box full of surprises landing on their doorstep? 

PupCrate is a new monthly subscription box on the market, based out of my home state of Massachusetts (which I did not realize until after we received our box - cool). 

Doberman Puppy Loves PupCrate - Save 13% with coupon code LAPDOGCREATIONS

Each monthly box is carefully curated with 4-5 high end treats, toys & other pet products. All items sourced from trusted suppliers, and PupCrate promises that each one will be unique from anything they'll send in a later box

Monday, January 04, 2016

Snow - Finally!

Happy Monday, Happy 2016, Happy :::yawn::: Back-t0-Reality...

The holidays are officially over and it's time to get back to "adulting" - or at least, that's what my friends' Facebook memes are telling me.  I suppose that means I better get some photo shoots in this week for some of the awesome items we've gotten to review for you all... stay tuned!

In the meantime, we finally got snow (it actually happened last Tuesday, but our posts were already set for the holiday week).... which means Penny finally got her first snow!

Doberman Puppy's First Snow - Lapdog Creations Doberman Puppy's First Snow - Lapdog Creations

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Black & White Sunday: Santa's Missing Reindeer

Happy first Sunday of 2016, official end of the holiday break, and last day that we can post cute Christmas photos. 

Anyone know if Santa is missing a reindeer?

Doberman Puppy's first Christmas - Lapdog Creations

A puppy's First Christmas is filled with lots and lots of cute photo ops and we sure did take advantage...

Friday, January 01, 2016

Welcome 2016

From the Lapdog Household to Yours... 
Lapdog Creations wishes you a Happy New Year - Here's to 2016! #adoptdontshop
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