Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Spooky Day!

The Lapdogs didn't have time for costumes this year, so instead we're sharing a little ditty from one of my favorite movies The Nightmare Before Christmas ... Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jack's Back

Well, not really... at least not until the 24 movie comes out.  But, today's Dogs on Thursday is all about a 7-month old, 30-something pound tyke named Jack.

Jack_102310j Jack_102310f

Jack was adopted by a loving family from NH, however they were out of town and unable to meet the transport on Saturday morning.  Jack needed someone to pick him up and give him a place to crash for the night...

Jack_102310i Jack_102310g

Since we have quite the full house, these 1 - 2 day temporary fosters for dogs who've already been adopted work out quite perfectly for us!  We get to spoil play with a houseguest for a little while and because they already have a forever home, we know we can't keep them!  This works out especially well with puppies... because you know how easy it is to want to keep a puppy, right?

Jack_102310h Jack_102310

Isn't he the cutest little guy?  I think of him as Mini TutLo... a combination of Teutul and Lola.  I think Lola was even trying to mother him some...

JackTutLola_102410 JackTut_102410b

Jack had a grand time with the Lapdogs bazillion toys.  He kept bringing them over to this bed in the living room.  By Sunday morning he had quite the little stash going.  Antler chews were his favorite!

Jack_toys_102310c Jack_toys_102410

Jack & Sophie snuggling up... cue the oh-so-stinking-cuteness!

JackSophie_102310d JackSophie_102310h

Jack & Zeus, buds!  Jack also liked to sleep in Zeus' "bat cave" in our bedroom.

JackZeus_102310b Jack_102410c

Self portrait time for Jack & I.  I love the look he's giving me in the first one... "Hello there, you crazy dog lady!"  Can you spot Mr. Nosey in the second one?

 Nic_Jack_102310 Nic_JackTut_102310

He definitely had that go-go-go and then crash puppy personality, which worked out quite well with our lazy bunch!

JackSophieLola_102310b JackTutSophie_102410

We've heard from Jack's new Mom every day since Sunday and he is doing amazing!  He will be starting obedience training on Monday... big steps for a cute little boy who was abandoned and only came into rescue about 3 weeks ago!  We miss the pitter-patter of his little feet but know he's with the right family and were so happy to have spent a short time with him!

Matt_Jack_102410 Nic_JackLolaZeus_102410

If you didn't catch my post yesterday, some dear friends of ours had to send their beloved Stratton over the Rainbow Bridge.  Stratton was a fixture in Matt's kart racing career, as he's always been the "track mascot."  He turned 13 on Monday and went over the Bridge to find his sister Briggs on Tuesday night.  He touched many lives and will be missed by all.  I dug up this photo of the big guy hanging out with me in our pit (I told you he knew where to come for treats and scratchies)... 

Just another day of racing 'n knitting.... RIP Stratton ♥

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Foliage & a Goodbye

Happy Wordless Wednesday!  Enjoy the foliage...
Hanging Leaf, 10/8/10

Fallen Leaf, 105/10

Same tree, 10/23/10

Tree on the side of house, 9/3/10

I interrupt this wordless post to say goodbye to a dear sweet doggy friend, Stratton.  Long time readers of my blog have seen Strat here and there over the years.  He has been the "track mascot" where Matt raced karts all these years - and yes, he knew which pit to come visit for a treat!  We just learned that Stratton crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last night.  

Hanging in the pits

Race Doggies, Stratton & Teutul
I take comfort in knowing that he is now with his beloved sister Briggs (yes, the track owners named their two German Shephards Briggs & Stratton... very fitting).  RIP dear sweet pups...

Stratton... Gone but Never Forgotten.  ♥

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

REVIEW: Knitting at Home: 60 Classics from Ella Rae Designs

Knitting at Home: 60 Classics from Ella Rae Designs
by Leanne Prouse
Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Sixth&Spring Books (October 5, 2010)

Knittingat Home

Are you looking for some fresh ideas to add to your holiday gift knitting this year?  Check out Knitting at Home: 60 Classics from Ella Rae Designs and let the creativity flow.  There is something special about handcrafting things for your home - or the home of loved ones - and there is no better place to be surrounded by items made with love. 

Knitting can be incorporated into the decor of any room, whether in a practical or whimsical way and Leanne Prouse, creator of Ella Rae yarns, shows us how through her collection of over 60 timeless projects in Knitting at Home.  Knitters of all skill levels will find designs to create while being inspired through this pattern book-turned-home decorating guide.  Grab a copy, your favorite beverage and relax on the couch as you flip through the endless pages of inspiration and get those needle clicking away on cozy home projects!

Knitting at Home is organized into six sections: A Room for Living, A Room for Relaxing, A Room for Sharing, A Room for Retreating, A Room for Little Ones and It's the Weekend.  Patterns include everything from throws and children's sweaters to fingerless gloves and coffee cozies to housecoats and pillows to slippers and toys.  The photography throughout the book is beautiful and truly shows off the loving comfort of handknits.  The ideas for creating a comfortable home environment through handknits will flow beyond your imaginatgion.

Some of my personal favorite patterns include:
  • Hooded House Coat - I live in comfy sweats during the winter months, but this easy-fit house coat would make comfy just a little more stylish
  • Patchwork Throw - this is not your Grandmother's sampler blanket, yet it's still refined and has that "made with love" look about it when you drape it across a chair
  • Trellis Stitch Pillow - a pretty little pillow that will add a special splash of color to any room
  • Baby Slippers - the cutest little felted slippers you ever did see!
  • Cable Cot Blanket - a classic cabled baby blanket that screams "made with love"
Grab your very own copy of Knitting at Home and get started on those holiday gifts today, or put the book on your list for Santa.  You won't be disappointed and you'll have many years of inspiration

About the Author: Leanne Prouse is one of Australia's top knitwear designers. She has been designing for more than 20 years and has had her own line of yarns for over 5 years. Before launching the Ella Rae brand, Leanne was the head designer at Jo Sharp yarns. She is known for her simple, classic designs for women, children and the home and has published 16 books of patterns.

Have Your Cake... and Eat it Too!

To say the Lapdogs enjoyed Teutul's birthday cake last night is an understatement!  Just in time for the celebration, we found out that not only was Lola once again chosen as a Smiler at TheBark this week, but Teutul was as well!  Check them out here!

Now if you'll kindly excuse the picture-only post, Mama's still playing catch-up from vacation (and already in need of another one)...

Tut_7bday_102510 Tut_7bday_102510f

Some help in sampling from big brother Zeus...

Tut_7bday_Zeus_102510 Tut_7bday_Zeus_102510b
7 Years Old

Mmm..Mmm.. Good!

Tut with his birthday bone...

Tut_7bday_102510k Tut_7bday_102510m

Tut's Wisdom: Enjoy Life... take a bite out of it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Look Who's 7 Today!

The perpetual baby of the house is 7 years old today!


Happy Birthday Teutul!

I really can't believe he's 7 already!  Enjoy the yearly photo recap...

Tut being Tut...
Teutul_11410d Tut_6410

Helping Mom with review photo shoots...
4Dogs_TBihnBag_31710 Zukes_Tut_hat_510b


I will NOT phone home!

Reviewing treats sure is hard work...
PawsGourmet_Tut   PDeats_Tut

Romping in the snow and making sure he's always at the front of the pack!
Tut_12609 4dogs_112209

Enjoying the crisp fall air... and thinking about C-A-K-E (which he'll get tonight)...

Tut_102310b Tut_102310

Today is bittersweet, as it is the first birthday for "the TN boys" since Tango crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in July.  We're lighting a candle in his honor and sending out loads of hugs to his Mom.

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