Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Spooky Day!

The lapdogs wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

Zeus as the little (baby) devil...

Devil_Dog_10_02b Devil_Dog_10_02f

Lola doing her best Amelia Earhart... watch out Hilary Swank!

Lola_OneRowScarf_908 Lola_OneRowScarf_908c

Tut as the fisherman (maybe from I Know What You Did Last Summer... look at those scary eyes!) ... or is it the little old lady?

BucketHat_709_Tut BucketHat_709_Tut3

Sophie says she'll do a trick for lots of treats... and this is her trick...

Sophie_trickortreatBACK Sophie_trickortreatB

disclaimer... yes, yes... you've seen these pictures before... we didn't dress up this year and these photos were all recycled, hope you don't mind!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lenny Rocked!

Happy Friday... and Happy almost Halloween! I don't really have any knitting updates for you and I'm behind with getting reviews up, but in the meantime...

I finally had a chance to go thru my Lenny Kravitz pictures from last week's Boston show... about 100 of them! Enjoy, and if you're lucky I might post a video clip later this weekend....

Lenny_102109 Lenny_102109g

Lenny doing what he does best...

Lenny_102109m Lenny_102109n

Rocking some keys...

Lenny_keys_102109 Lenny_keys_102109e

That's me ... watching Lenny from the 3rd row!


Goodnight Lenny!

Lenny_102109r Lenny_fans_102109h

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Teutul turned 6 years old (scroll back to that post for his "year in review") on Sunday and of course, we had cake from Woof It Down!



Do you think he was a little excited about C-A-K-E??!!


He was a good boy and let his siblings share some licks too (after the "photo shoot" we simply cut the cake into fourths... its the perfect size!)...



Of course there were birthday toys as well. I had won a couple of items from the American Brittany Rescue raffle earlier this month, one of which was a boy doggy basket full of various Zanies stuffed toys. The timing worked perfectly...

Tut liked this Zanies Boing Football the best... unfortunately, it didn't survive past Tuesday.

Tut_football_102509b Tut_football_102509

There was also a Boing Soccer Ball in the basket (Sophie's favorite)... its still alive, but that's because its on the kitchen counter right now!

Sophie_soccerball_102509 Sophie_soccerball_102509b

Zeus thought the soccer ball was kinda cool too, while Lola ran around the house with this Berber Bone (I think she liked the feel of biting on the berber)...

Zeus_soccerball_102509 Lola_bone_102509

I tried for a new group shot... 3 out of 4 ain't half bad, right?


Chan and her girls graciously sent doggy donut/bagels for all 4 kids to enjoy... but this silly Mom forgot to get the camera out for photos. The funny thing is, our box of very similar donut/bagels crossed in the mail on the way to her girls in celebration of Sissy's birthday!

Enjoy the rest of your Doggy Thursday... I still can't believe the perpetual baby is six already!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rainy Day Foliage

Happy Wordless Wednesday! It's a rainy one here today... and the leaves are making an absolute mess of the driveway falling! I got a little help from Sophie while snapping a few pics this morning...

RainyFoliage_102809_sophieB RainyFoliage_102809_sophie


RainyFoliage_102809 RainyFoliage_102809bjpg

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stitches East recap

On Day 3 of my stay-cation (that would be last Friday), we ventured to yet another New England state... Connecticut. After leaving Matt and his Dad to do their own thing, Sue and I ventured over to Hartford for Stitches East....


This was my first Stitches event and I'm glad to say, the market was bigger than the two Knit & Crochet shows I've attended! It was a lot of fun, even if we did find ourselves passing over several of the "same 'ole, same 'ole" booths rather quickly. I recognized many of the vendors from past Knit & Crochet shows, as well as Granite State Knit-Ins. Of course, there were a lot of CT area vendors as well.

I don't have any pictures from the market floor except for this one...


About two minutes after I snapped a pic of this lovely sweater, they made a "put your cameras and cell phone cameras away!" announcement. Yup, there were no pictures allowed on the market floor. Seriously now? Talk about a ridiculous rule! Lenny Kravitz let us take as many pictures as we darn well pleased on Wednesday night (yes, pics to come soon) and I think his picture is worth way more than any picture I could've snapped at Stitches! Anyway, I thought that sweater was kind of cool, although I can't remember what booth it was at or what it was called (yea, I got the pic... forgot the info).

I went to the show with the intentions of not buying anything that I could readily purchase at my LYS or online. I was looking for something different... something to wow me. I found that at the Still River Mill booth!


The lilac skein is Puppy Love and the blue/multi skein is Puppy Love Gone Wild. Puppy Love is a 30% Samoyed / 20% Milk / 50% Merino blend, with the Samoyed coming from a sled dog team from Cambridge, VT. The Gone Wild version is a mix of yarn ends to produce a multi-color, with no two skeins being the same. This is the first time I've found a dog blend yarn for sale that was not custom made (I'm still saving Zeus' fur... to be spun eventually). I'm told the yarn is wonderfully warm, yet extremely breathable and that it will bloom very nicely. I plan to make a hat from the Gone Wild version (pattern was given with the yarn), but not sure what's in store for the lilac skein just yet.

I also picked up a skein of Lobster Pot Sox in the Beach Plum colorway and Zauberball in a beautiful fall color.

LobsterPotSox Zauberball

I had eyed skeins of Lobster Pot cashmere in the past, but didn't want to spend the money without a specific project for it, so when I found the new sock yarn I knew I had to bring one home! Sue and I found the Zauberball yarn at one of the first booths we visited and just loved it. It was new and different to me... but we quickly realized that at least 1 or 2 booths in every aisle had some!

My only other purchase was this Nutmeg Mitts kit. The yarn is Koigu KPM.


That's it! I entered with the "only if its different and I love it" mentality and did not spend more than the cash in my wallet, which to me equals a huge success! I did have one more stash enhancement this weekend however.... thanks to Chan! She sent me this gorgeous skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot as part of my birthday present. Isn't it lovely?


Well, that's a wrap on Stitches East 2009... I hope to be back for the 2010 show next fall!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Look Who's 6 Today!

Happy Birthday Teutul!

Tut_7509 Tut_51209

My perpetual baby is 6 year's old today! I can't believe another year has gone by already... here's last year's birthday recap post... and now, time for this year's...

One of his favorite things, lounging...

Teutul_3909b Teutul_32209

Enjoying the seasons...

Tut_7509b Tut_102008b


Tut being Tut...

Tut_71009 Tut_Gingie_709_blurry

Mommy & Daddy time...

NicTut_50309b MattTut_92509

Enjoying a summer day at Daddy's racing...

Tut_Chicken_50309 Tut_50309

Hanging with his siblings...

TutZeus_41209b TutSophie_sun_42409b


Showing his love for hand knits...

BucketHat_709_Tut ShetlandHat_1008_Tut

Supporting the cause...

Tut_60309 Tut_51009_shirt

Keeping a paw on his sisters...

TutLola_40609 TutSophie_3709

This is last year's cake... he'll enjoy this year's tonight after dinner!


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