Friday, August 18, 2006

On The Mend and Knitting

Zeus is on the mend and I've found myself with some time to knit (though not nearly as much as I'd like to) and even do some yarn shopping (uh-oh....)! He's getting around on his own fairly well - probably too much - and he's getting back to his happy-go-lucky self, except when I put the wretched bite not collar on him in the morning. Boy do I get the look! However, he's our very own Zudini, as he has managed to get the collar off 3 times to where its still attached by the strap but hanging off him and just yesterday managed to get the entire thing off, while the belly strap was still buckled. If anyone can figure out how the Great Zudini does it, do share!

So anyway... YARN... oh sweet delicious yummy yarns! I got two most wonderful packages in the mail this week! The first was from
Knit Witts and contained my gorgeous (or at least I hope I can turn the lovely bag of yarns in to something so gorgeous as the picture on their website!) Potpouri Shawl Kit in neutral tones. This is going to make a fabulous fall shawl and even though its "neutral" tones, there is some glitz and glamour to mix in.

I also got my clearance sock yarn from
Webs closeout page! I snagged 4 skeins of Fashion Trend Sportivo (2 each of 5713 and 5758) and 1 skein of Regia Strato Color (5753 - the only color available). To all my sock and clearance fiber loving folks out there, you are most welcome for the direct links!

Also pictured above is my amazingly soft and gorgeous Bunny Blend yarn in bright violet! This stuff is to die for - ANGORA!!!! An extra special thanks to the wonderfully talented and super sweet Heather aka A Crafty Kat who picked it up in Maine for me last week! I believe a lacey scarf will be in order if I can stop rubbing it against my skin and cuddling with it. And I happily learned the woman who owns the shop in Maine spins dog hair (though Heather seemed to be thinking about kitty hair)...COOL! Yup, a call will be made shortly so I can find out more about how the process works, how much I need to generate a skein, etc. I want to make pillows from each of my babies hair. I picked up the Bunny yarn from Heather on Wednesday (her birthday!!!) at Knitting Guild at Joanne's (A Knitter's Garden in Chester), as well as the Mickey Mouse sock bag she made for my Mom. Well, wouldn't you know that she was using one of her great "Socks for Soldiers" bags to benefit the program (nothing wrong with a little shameless self promotion - you go girl!) and I just HAD to have it! I couldn't resist (even though I just got my doggy sock bag last month, 100 yarn bags are not enough one can never have too many bags) -- a super cute bag (not to mention functional!) that supports a super cause. Be sure to check them out (link above goes to her Etsy shop where they are available for sale). And since I can never get out of Joanne's without something new (the bag didn't really count since it wasn't in the store, right?) ... and I did just buy a new sock bag, I snagged a skein of Heather's very own hand painted sock yarn in Chocolate Covered Strawberries.... YUM-O... and its all mine, mine, mine!!!


While at guild I worked some rows on my tank (actually, I hadn't worked on it since the last time I had been to guild - winter's going to be here before its finished and it sure is going to be chilly!). I got through the decrease rows for the arms on the back at least... all while listening to some great stories... Joanne is getting 2 sheep!!!; Heather's heroic injured puppy rescue in Maine; and some chatting about fisher cats, wild turkeys and coyote (its was one wild nite!)....


When I got home I caught the last 2 minutes of Rock Star Supernova, fed the dogs, set the coffee for morning, fed myself, worked a few rows on my sock. I'm on the heal flap and getting pretty close to teaching myself how to turn a heal (if you hear some loud, mysterious cursing, you'll know where its coming from...).


So as you can see, not quite as much progress as one would like, but some... I've also been working on a couple of baby hats in between as well. My "need to get to" projects are really starting to pile up though, so I better get knitting... not to mention thinking about some Christmas gifts I'd like to get done for friends and family too... think anyone would mind if I took a knitting sabbatical from work? hmm...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

We Made It...

... through Zeus' surgery and casting on my very first sock!

His surgery went well, although the past couple of days have been long and tiring. He's stopped crying as much and started hobbling around a bit, however he's been the most stubborn dog when it comes to letting us help (of course... what else should I expect from one of my dogs, who just happens to be male, right?). Instead of letting us help him to get around (esp down the stairs) with a towel sling, he's decided its better to go it on his own -- he really hates the towel idea and even the ramp that we borrowed to help with the outside stairs. He won't even go near the ramp -- did I mention he's one stubborn dog? I think most of his crying now is because he can't get around and do everything he usually does all day (lounge on the couch ... get up on the bed to look out the window ... sit out in the driveway chasing away the birds...). He spent most of yesterday laying in his new "batcave" -- which would be the hallway near the bedrooms so he was fairly close no matter if I was in the bedroom or living room. I had given out the new toys to Lola and Teutul in hopes of keeping them busy, as well as a wubbie to Zeus for comfort. Awhile after little sister and brother had their fun with the new toys, I looked over and noticed this ...

Tut actually spent time bringing a lot of the toys over to Zeus.... awww... brotherly love at its best!

Now .. some knitting news! I did cast on my very first sock and I can officially say I'm addicted (although I've yet to get to the heel flap, so some cursing may be in order shortly, but we'll see). Rather then mess up any of my "good" (i.e. expensive!) sock yarn stash, I'm working my first pair from Lion Brand's Magic Stripes in Bright Spring.


I've yet to travel with my sock (I haven't been out of the house since we brought Zeus home on Tuesday evening), however we did catch the major news on the latest terror threat and the tightened airline security this morning... I think if he were any lesser of a sock, this news would've scared him right off his needles at the thought of traveling anywhere, but he seems to be one brave sock!


I've also progressed a little further on the Broadway scarf ... it would be done by now, but of course as you know I'm not a monogamous knitter and therefore I have several projects going (the car seat blanket is still a work in progress as well). I did experiement with some different yarns for the baby hats and turned out 2 more toddler size hats for my stash to send up to Jenn for Spa Fina Boutique (these should've been baby size, but as my yarn experimenting is going, I think these may be more of a toddler fit). My deadline is approaching and I would like to get at least 4 more - baby size - done before sending them up).


That's all for now ... knit on ... and send chocolate wine (did I meniton I haven't been out of the house since Tuesday evening and have been listening to my poor baby cry for 2 days?)!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Surgery Day for Zeus

My baby is off for his ACL surgery today. He had his pain patch put on yesterday afternoon and seemed to be happy as a clam last night, even pulling a Houdini move and managing to get his bite not collar (an amazing alternative to the demeaning cones they usually put on dogs!) off while we were out! We came home to find the strap still on, but the collar itself down around his back leg and Zeus wagging his tail a mile a minute! Cute as a button, but I forgot to take a picture of his cute front paw, all wrapped up in a green paw print gauze (I have no idea why they put the pain patch on his front paw, but whatever works...), so this one will have to do... isn't he cute?

Matt dropped him off this morning, telling me that the receptionist told him we wouldn't be allowed to pick him back up until tomorrow -- um, yea, NO! ;-) Esp. since we thought this out a lot (leaving him overnight where there would be nobody in the building vs. bringing him to a vet hospital with 24 hour care vs. bringing him to the comfort of his own home). So of course, I had to call and leave a message for our vet to remember that we had this conversation already and she told us we could certainly bring him home tonight - not completely "recommended" by them, however she said it would be fine. Also, having 2 friends who've gone through the surgery with their dogs in the past 6 months and both opted to bring their babies home that night, I see no other choice to make (would you leave your baby all alone after surgery in a locked up cage in an empty building to wake up and have no idea where he is or what has happened and no one around to ensure his safety?). So... The plan is to pick him up this evening and get him home to rest and begin the recovery (which is a 10 - 12 week process). Wish us luck.... This Mommy is going to need it just to calm the nerves today, though looking at these eyes might help...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Smoke4 and a Yarn Score!

Smoke4 is now in his new home and seems to be enjoying it quite nicely. He spent most of last night zipping around and following anything that came near the tank (fingers, dog noses, the fan...).

Isn't he pretty? Wanna see something else pretty? My SCORE of a stash of
Patons Grace (100% Mercerized Cotton) ... normally $4.00 a skein, I found some beautiful colors on clearance at Michael's for ~ get this ~ $1 a skein! I bought all they had of lilac and ruby (I think it was 8 skeins of one, 7 of the other) in hopes of finding a couple of cute little tank or tee patterns. If anyone out there happens to have something in mind, please do share (unfortunately all the Patons patterns for Grace are stinking crocheted tops, not kint). I also bought a couple skeins of marine, terracotta, natural and appricot for some baby hats or bibs.

While poking around, I happened upon a cute "hats and more" book and got some Moda Spellbound to do this Triangle Scarf. It'll be my first attempt at a bit of a lace pattern.

Well folks, that's all for now... still waiting on the official word that surgery is schedule for Tuesday (as of yesterday the surgeon still had not confirmed with our vet ... I guess he doesn't know the planner personality that I am and that the "don't worry, we're sure he's all set" doesn't quite cut it in my book!) and preparing for lots of knitting time next week! STAY COOL today... our temps are to reach over 100... did I mention how much I love FALL??!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Or Another...

Didn't I just get finished saying "if its not one thing, its another????"

Smoke3 died yesterday... after just ONE measly week! I had thought to myself that some of the Betas didn't look so lively at Pet Smart last week and thought I had picked an OK guy, but... I now know to never again buy a Beta from Pet Smart in Salem, NH (besides the fact that they looked sick, the person who waited on me was busy picking her newly pierced ears and sure did make me feel like I was putting her out by asking to get a fish!)!

Today I headed back to where my 3 previous Betas came from (Sparky, Smoke and Smoke2) - Petco - and purchased a very frisky Beta that we'll now call Smoke the 4th, or Smoke4 (we just can't say "Smoke the 4" since Smoke is named after Tony Stewart and the #4 is Scott Wimmer, who is another favorite of mine!) ... he actually looks a lot more like the original Smoke who was with us for about 3 years. He is blue with a bit of reddish coloring. Not the best picture, but the first one taken (as he sits on my desk at work waiting to go home)...

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