Friday, February 16, 2007

FO Friday!

FO friday

And I even have a finished object for FO Friday! Do you? Be sure to hop on over and listen to Gina's latest podcast "Cold Balls" as well!

So actually, I have 3 FO's, but they were finished over the weekend so I could get them in the mail on Monday. I didn't want to post them beforehand since some of the recipients read the blog and since no one guessed the mystery pink chenille project, so here is the answer...


Valentine's Day washcloths for my friends! I gifted 3 of them and still have enough yarn left to make at least 2 more too! Its a little hard to see in the photos, but there is a lovely heart knitted in to the middle of them. They were a fun knit with the gorgeous hand-dyed chenille yarn at A Knitter's Garden!

Our Valentine's Day involved a 24-hour long Nor'Easter storm that brought snow, sleet, more snow, bitter cold, more sleet and high winds to New England. I took a personal day and stayed at home (knitting of course!), rather than brave the elements and messy roads. Needless to say, our double date dinner plans had to be postponned and we spent all day/evening at home. I got some lovely gifts, including some great white gold hoop earrings, chocolates and beautiful roses ... can you guess what they are made of?


Can you tell??? The roses are made out of wood! They are very, very cool... and
Matt got to pick out each one, pick the arrangement and even tell them how he wanted the colors arranged. Cool, huh? I had really wanted a lovely gerber daisy (my favorite!) arrangement from Hallmark flowers and he had tried to order it last week, but they were already sold out... but that's okay, he can save those for another day, right? He also got me an autographed pink hockey puck at the Bruins game on Tuesday night. I think its Stanislav Chistove, but not positive...

Wanna see what else my sweetie, who's always looking for something to make me laugh, got for me? Check this out... see any resemblance?


We were cracking up for a long time about this one... I think Hallmark owes me some royalties from snapping my doggy in costume when I wasn't looking!!!! What's even funnier (besides the fact that I had to take pictures of Zeus next to his look-a-like card), is this look, which just might be the same one you're giving me now for taking the photos...


Now you tell me - is he or is he not rolling his eyes at me?!?!? Geesh! Try telling me my dogs don't have personality and take after their Mommy!

Oh yes, and of course I had to snap the other 2 monsters with their cardboard cut-out brother, so to anyone who is laughing at me, here ya go!


So back to my day at home... when I was able to finish mitten #1 of my "simple mittens" from the One Skein Wonders book (I tell you - I love this book! Its definitely one of the best investments... lots of great patterns for yourself and gifts) and cast on mitt #2. I'm using some yummy wool and angora blended homespun yarn that I bought at A Knitter's Garden.


I also organized a bunch of my stitch markers in to this cute little holder that Mom crocheted for me (she found the pattern in the 2007 Crochet page-a-day calendar for anyone interested). Thanks Mom!


Its intended to hold split ring markers through little loops crocheted in rows, but since my markers aren't split, I improvised with some clips bought at AC Moore...


Other than to let the dogs out, we never ventured out at all on Wednesday. In fact, Matt didn't even clear the driveway until Thursday morning.... under watchful eyes from the living room window...



Yes, watchdogs they are!

Its been a rather un-busy day at work, but I'm looking forward to going home for the long weekend. I ran out at lunch time to meet Heather at Petsmart and give her the helmet liners Mom & I made since Jay will be returning to Iraq all too soon. Hope she and Gina have a great time at NETA SPA - can't wait to hear all about it! Hope everyone else gets to enjoy a wonderful long weekend and get in some good knitting time! I have a couple of missions for the weekend ... 1) get new tires for my Trailblazer, 2) finish mitten #2 and 3) enjoy the Daytona 500 with friends on Sunday (and hope that Tony Stewart wins! - GO TONY!). Oh yea, and hopefully be hooking up the new computer at home if its delivered today! Ours died (again!) last week and I finally broke down and ordered a completely new machine from Dell....

Happy Knitting (and Spinning to the gals at SPA)!

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NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, Nicole! Great post, I really enjoyed reading it and looking at all the pictures.

Will you be at B&N tomorrow night? I'm looking forward to meeting you in person (trying to get to know everyone and match faces to names/blogs!


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