Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Teutul turned 6 years old (scroll back to that post for his "year in review") on Sunday and of course, we had cake from Woof It Down!



Do you think he was a little excited about C-A-K-E??!!


He was a good boy and let his siblings share some licks too (after the "photo shoot" we simply cut the cake into fourths... its the perfect size!)...



Of course there were birthday toys as well. I had won a couple of items from the American Brittany Rescue raffle earlier this month, one of which was a boy doggy basket full of various Zanies stuffed toys. The timing worked perfectly...

Tut liked this Zanies Boing Football the best... unfortunately, it didn't survive past Tuesday.

Tut_football_102509b Tut_football_102509

There was also a Boing Soccer Ball in the basket (Sophie's favorite)... its still alive, but that's because its on the kitchen counter right now!

Sophie_soccerball_102509 Sophie_soccerball_102509b

Zeus thought the soccer ball was kinda cool too, while Lola ran around the house with this Berber Bone (I think she liked the feel of biting on the berber)...

Zeus_soccerball_102509 Lola_bone_102509

I tried for a new group shot... 3 out of 4 ain't half bad, right?


Chan and her girls graciously sent doggy donut/bagels for all 4 kids to enjoy... but this silly Mom forgot to get the camera out for photos. The funny thing is, our box of very similar donut/bagels crossed in the mail on the way to her girls in celebration of Sissy's birthday!

Enjoy the rest of your Doggy Thursday... I still can't believe the perpetual baby is six already!



SissySees said...

LOVE the threesome shot. Too bad my darling boy wasn't interested in a true "all dogs" shot!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful cake! Happy Birthday sweet baby! Love all the photos! Have a great weekend!

Sue said...

When it's Zeus' birthday you need to get a bigger cake. That big boy makes the cake look tiny. Glad Tut had a fun time on his big day.

Dianne said...

Big kisses to the birthday boy and his brother and sisters, too!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Tut! The cake looked yummy.

p.s. Sydney just added the Boing Balls to her Christmas list.

Marjie said...

The 3 dog shot is great! They were all looking the same way and everything - impressive! We don't have a puppy bakery hereabouts, so Thor "makes do" with applesauce cake.

Happy Birthday, King Tut! (Everyone's royalty on their own birthday, right?)

Anita said...

I love that second shot of him eyeballing the cake... Please gimmie the cake mom!!! Please, please, pllllleeasssse!

Hmmm, I just saw some Non-Stuffed doggie toys at the local pet store, I wonder if those are any good...They were stuffed toys without the stuffing. LOL

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