Thursday, September 22, 2011

REVIEW: Freshpet Food

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The Lapdogs were recently treated to several types of food and treats to review from Freshpet, a company started by a group of people who love their pets as much as you and I do and who consider those pets part of their families.  "Almost seven years ago, a bunch of us were talking about how much we love our pets – we let them sleep in our beds, we spend whatever it takes when they get sick, we throw them birthday parties. They’re part of our families. We work hard to give our pets the very best, just like our children - to keep them happy, healthy and safe. And then we turned to what we were feeding them. Most of us were feeding our pets dry, processed corn byproducts and dehydrated meat from a bag. And we all know dogs and cats are carnivores."

Freshpet's fresh, refrigerated food line includes Freshpet Select, Vital, Deli Fresh and Veterinary Nutrition.  The Lapdogs were able to sample all of these lines and were not disappointed! 

FreshPet4Freshpet Select is made with a few select ingredients like high protein meats and eggs, vitamin-rich vegetables and wholesome grains.  The recipes are much the same as meals you would cook for your family.  Freshpet Select is batch-cooked to lock in the vitamins and nutrients, then quickly chilled to keep it fresh from the day it's made until the minute you feed it to your pets.

The Veterinary Nutrition line was designed to support recovery in our pets and are made from a blend of fresh meats, fish and eggs to encourage food intake for even the most reluctant patient.  

FreshPet2Vital is a line of fresh, meat based and grain-free recipes modeled after what animals would eat in the wild.  All of the recipes contain 80% or more animal protein and 10% fruits and vegetables, which makes for an easily digestible and 100% complete, balanced meal for your dog.  The Vital line is a great alternative for dogs who are sensitive to grains, a common food allergy, and is a safe and convenient alternative to raw feeding.

    FreshPet3Leading veterinary nutritionists helped to create the Deli Fresh line, which is formulated with natural supplements to enhance the nutritional benefits of the fresh ingredients.  Deli Fresh formulas promote digestive health and provide an ideal ratio of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which benefit skin, coat, brain and eye health, as well as to help maintain a strong immune system.  This is a great formula for dogs with arthritis and joint issues.

    FreshPet7Dognation is a state of mind - a celebration of all things dog.  The namesake treats are healthy, natural tasty bites that come straight from the fridge.  The Lapdogs can't bark enough for both the chicken and beef formulas and have requested that I tell everyone these are atop their Santa Paws wish list this year!

    Freshpet has received the Lapdogs Official 16 Paws Up Seal of Approval!  There wasn't a morsel the Lapdogs didn't happily devour!  I love that Freshpet offers several different options to choose from in helping me to feed my pack the freshest ingredients possible -- conveniently and affordably!  Having an allergy prone dog and one with arthritis, there are options designed specifically for each of them which makes my choices even greater.  Check them out and you too will find a healthy addition to your pack's diet!

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