Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Riverslea Trip... a few days late, a computer short!

I'm a few days late with posting more pics from the Riverslea trip, but that's because ... get this (remember, "if its not one thing, its another!") ... our friggin' useless hunk of junk computer died... for the friggin' 100th time again! But not to dread on that, instead let's get to the good stuff!

When we arrived, Liz and Jeff were out trying to round up a runaway sheep, so we had time to peruse the wonderful gift shop before our tour (and of course we spent plenty of time perusing and shopping after!).

Liz gave us an amazing - and very informative - tour! She started with telling us about the raw fleece process, here's a bag that had just recently been shaven out on the table.


From there, it was on to the animals... look at all these adorable guys (and gals)!


Now don't these guys just look like they are smiling at you? I swear they really are ... just like our dogs do!


You may ask how the farm deals with security and keeping the coyote and other predators at bay? Meet the guard llama, who was an absolute doll (and really seemed to want to snuggle up - maybe a bit too much)!


Here's Joanne introducing herself to Mr. Handsome (forgive me for not remembering his name).


Now for what I'm sure most of you are waiting for ... fibers and yarns galore!

100_2324 100_2323


Isn't it just a fabulous candy store?!?!?!

Here's Liz showing us the amazing sign she uses when she exhibits, which is all hand felted lettering and sheep on a large felted square.


Miss Joanne found a gorgeous teal-blue piece of felt that matched her shop colors and of course we wouldn't let her leave without it! It will soon become the "A Knitter's Garden at By The Brook Farm" sign - yes, that's right, Joanne has now officially named their farm - congrats!

After we shopped, Liz invited us inside her home to make felted beads - we had a blast! Thank you again to both Liz and Jeff (and Lilly too!) for such hospitality - I'm sure we'll all be back again soon (did someone say felted elves??)!

Wondering what I snagged? Here's my wonderful loot - 2 balls of gorgeous roving (the brownish one has gorgeous pinks, yellows and other colorings going thru it and is an alpaca blend which I will save for when I get a little better at this whole spinning thing), 2 skeins of a handspun, handdyed green yarn and 1 skein of a natural color handspun wool for a winter hat for myself.


I bought a little more loot that night back at Joanne's too ... some white roving that she recommend I start my spinning career with and a gorgeous skein of a verigated pink handspun, handdyed wool (thinking another winter item - maybe mittens or another hat).


Also pictured above is my spindle bag, made by the amazing Heather and the spindle that I got off eBay.

To close today, feast your eyes on my absolutely wonderful 3 Doggy Yarn dyed by Heather, inspired by non other than my 3 children...

3 Doggy Yarn

See any resemblance?

Lola_Yarn Zeus_Yarn


Til next time... get your holiday knit on kids, after all we have less than 2 months!


yarnophiliac said...

OMG -- I just want to steal that llama and take him home. Thanks for sharing all the pics -- I was so bummed I missed the trip. How is the spinning going??? You got me spindle spinning again! Using fiber I got from the bunny farm. Hope the pups like "their" yarn...

Anonymous said...

Too bad about your puter! If you get in a jam, I'll help if I can...Im glad you liked that picture i sent you. The yarn with the brats is halarious lol! You've got quite a section of yarn and things going..

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