Thursday, November 02, 2006


TGI-almost friggin'-F! Will this week ever end?!?!?

At least I have some fun news to report from yesterday's knitting guild trip to
Riverslea Farm ... however I'm going to toy with your brain save those pictures for tomorrow, as I don't have too much time to post today. We had a great time - we got to see the animals, tour of the farm, get a little lesson on the fleece process, see and touch some gorgeous fibers and even make some water felted beads! Liz & Jeff were just amazing (if you're reading, thank you again - and we can't wait to come back!)!

In honor of
Gina's FO Friday (get your head out of the gutter kids... its Finished Object Friday!), I'm a day early with a couple of my most recent fo's! I did manage to finish my first pair of socks before Socktoberfest was over...

finished socks2finished socks

I posted a picture of Nathaniel's finished hat last week, but here's Jenn's little guy himself modeling it ... don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?


Speaking of cuties, check out these adorable crime fighters... (aka 2 nephews & a niece)


Of course I can't not post these cute fall shots of my own adorable children... including a super cuddly Zeus with Mommy, aren't we cute? (Note, he's getting that fourth or fifth puppy hood going quite well now that his new knee is really settling in ... I wonder how much more bouncing he's going to be doing once the 2nd one is done... ay, yi, yi!)


Zeus the Moose!

Zeus Man

Miss Lola and her stick!

Miss Lola

Nervous Teutul (did someone say "boo?")...

King Tut

Wait until you see their very own "3 Doggy Yarn" designed by the real wonder-woman herself, Miss Heather - photos to come shortly! She did an amazing job with the colorings and I can't wait to knit it up (still not sure what yet ... probably socks and maybe gauntlets or gloves ... feel free to share your ideas, as I have 2 skeins). She also took the time to show me how to spin on my new drop spindle last night, for which I thank her greatly! Of course if I get hooked, I will blame her greatly too, lol - though I think I am already hooked and will be in the hunt for a spinning wheel at some point when my budget can afford it... which could be next to never, so if any family or friends out there who might have a wheel collecting dust or know someone who does and wants to share, you know my number! Here's my lovely teacher (hopefully she doesn't mind me posting - I know she's got the blackmail pic to get me back though!)...


Make sure you hop on over to Heather's blog and meet the newest addition to her family!

Speaking of the 4 legged, furry children, I thought it was time for the pint sized Angus (who's Mommy needs to start a blog!) to have some time to shine in the spotlight ...


Angus belongs to the wonderful Joanne who owns A Knitter's Garden in Chester (for which I can not link you to because she has yet to create a website or that blog ... hint hint). I think he was really loving all those nifty smells that we brought back from Riverslea (as were my own children once I got home...)!

We also met the adorable Lilly yesterday, who lives at Riverslea Farm with Liz & Jeff. She's 6 months old and so FULL of puppy energy. Here she is sneaking a peak in to the feeding pen when we were touring.


And, as a final teazer for my next post, meet this 1 day old most adorable baby...

1 day Old

Until next time, dream of all those wonderful fibers and animal photos I will be sharing... :)


YarnB said...

What great photos!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those kids are so cute! I love the superhero theme. Nathaniel is adorable too.

Your doggies are beautiful.

Gina House said...

LOVE your pics!!!! The one of you and Zeus is cute! Thanks for the plug, too : ) Sounds like you had a great time at Riverslea...I'll have to try and make it next time. Socks....amazing...and the hat looks perfect on the little guy!

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