Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Not too much to say or post today, but I did want to congratulate Joanne of A Knitter's Garden at By The Brook Farm on her 1 Year Anniversary (and also on getting her home page up on the web)! Congrats!!! I'm so proud to have gotten to know you and join the knitting guild in the past year. Joanne hosted a wonderful (and successful) 2-day celebration at the store last Friday & Saturday. I was over there for a couple hours on Saturday..... sipping on hot spiced cider, munching cookies, chatting with Heather and meeting some newbies who stopped by looking for classes. Joanne gave out the most adorable knitting pins for favors and I was hoping to post this with a photo, but that will have to come later (I've been swamped and having computer issues ... oh the joys!). Heather should have a photo of the gorgeous flowers Joanne received. Let me tell you ... you ain't seen nothing yet until you've seen a gorgeous basket of flowers complete with miniature balls of yarn and needles and a card reading "To My Knitting Lady!"

I also have photos of my WIP's to post later on too (hey, maybe some will be FO's by the time I get to posting pics!) ... the Helmet Liner, my ribbed capelet in Wisdom's Poems wool, Sugar On Snow (which is almost complete) and a couple of scarves. The cold, bitter air this week has inspired me to want to cast on some wool mittens and a hat for myself... maybe this weekend (Helmet Liner is taking priority on my list though)... I've been itching to cast on a new pair of socks too... oh I just need more hours in the day... or hey, maybe more "ah-chooo...." sick days home from work... lol!

I'll leave you with this cute photo that was passed along to me in one of those "what people do with photoshop" emails today... inspiring you all to knit on and eat your veggies!

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Gina House said...

I am SO bummed that I missed the opening. I was swamped with family stuff and I totally couldn't go. It sounded like you had a great time! Can't wait to see some of your current wips!

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