Thursday, December 20, 2007

When will this white crap end?

Seriously now... c'mon with it! What the hell??!! After we got dumped on several times in the past 2 weeks, its now been snowing continuously since about 4:45 pm yesterday... and its now 4:00 pm today... 24 friggin hours! At least its not coming down as fast and furious as last Thursday's storm, but still. Enough already! Especially for those of us who have to drive in it, trying hard as hell to avoid the 101 idiots who don't know how to drive in it.

I spent my day delivering resident holiday gifts in this crazy mess... oh the joys! Thankfully I have 4WD, otherwise I wouldn't have made it. It was just a ducky day... Seriously, I even have proof...


I ran in to those cuties in one of the parking lots. Don't ask what the heck 2 ducks were doing in New Hampshire in the winter, in the middle of a snow storm, in an apartment complex parking lot... but it was the perfect way to sum up my "just ducky" crap of a day! I would have much rather been home doing this...


My drive home pretty much sucked. I passed several cars off the side of the highway and then was almost slid into 3 times - once by some stupid idiot dumb chick who was too busy talking on her cell phone to slow down normally at a red light and instead ending up sliding and fortunately landed to the right and didn't hit me... all the while, still continuing her cell phone conversation! Did I mention all the idiots out driving today? Anyway, I've taken lots of cute pics of the dogs in the snow today, but will post later as I'm too lazy to get them off the camera right now.

Now, since today is actually Thursday... I must say please excuse last night's ramblings mistaken "dogs on thursday" post... I guess it wasn't actually Thursday yet, huh? Perhaps that means the week has already been much too long.... and it was really some wishful thinking?

Since today is Dogs on Thursday, I'll share with you
Dottie's photo with Santa! Her Mom took her and brother Jack to see Santa... aren't they just darling?


It's so wonderful to hear from my foster's families... it really means the world to me to open up an email or card and see a picture or hear how they're doing!

As promised, still playing blog catch up... and wanted to actually show some proof that I really do knit sometimes! Some Christmas knitting...

A pair of Fetching for a friend... they've

since been finished & mailed off!


A pair of Fetching for my niece,

still have to complete mitt #2...


A neck scarf, with no one in particular in mind...

not yet finished, so it may not be a Christmas gift...


Nathaniel's hat... Jenn asked me to

make a larger size of the same hat

I made for her cutie last year...


I've since gotten much further on it and it's probably a night on the couch away from being finished. Here's Nate modeling the original hat from Fall 2006.


Ok, I'm officially going to retire to the couch now... and yes, its still snowing!


lora said...

The pups have the right idea. Snuggle down and wait for a thaw.

Milly said...

Dang sounds like a lot of snow!
I always want snow but only if I don't have to go out in it. Of course if we ever got that kind of snow here, no one would be going out in it. Our city has one snow truck!

Pooch said...

The doggies look so warm and comfy snuggled in blankets and afghan ---especially after looking at the snow pix!


Anonymous said...

Brrrr... Hope you have a warm weekend and try to enjoy the white Christmas many of us wish we could have!

vegasangelbrat said...

Blow the white stuff Westward!!! I would love to have Love to Vegas come to a complete standstill! LOL I relaly would love to have a white Christmas, its been over 13 years :)

Seriously, I hope you stay safe and hope it lets up for you guys up there.
Doggies look so cute, what a great shot!

Criquette said...

Such great pics today - the one of Lola and Tut was so adorable I had to show Mr.C. Dottie doesn't look too happy, does she?

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