Friday, June 07, 2013

End of The Week Catch-Up

TGIF!  I wanted to do a little catch-all, catch-up post today...

First, Happy Fiber Arts Friday!  I spent some time on the deck with the dogs this week and did a little knitting.  I really need to do a little more and get this baby blanket finished before the recipient arrives!

View from my little corner of the world right now... #bruins #crystallight #knitting #yarn #knitstagram #PopCorners #deck #spring

You may notice my favorite Tervis Tumbler there, filled with Crystal Light.  GO BRUINS!  I'm really hoping we can put this series away tonight before anyone else gets hurt.  Soupy proved to be extremely Boston Strong Wednesday night, breaking his leg while blocking a shot and still managed to get up and help his team kill off the power play.  A true warrior!  These photos are from when I went to practice last week to watch the boys...

@nhlbruins practice #63 #Marshy #bruins Dougie Hamilton @nhlbruins practice #27 #bruins #BostonStrong #NewportCT #Dougie

#bruins practice #Boychuk #55 #letsgobs Untitled

Untitled Bruins practice #bruins #becauseitsthecup
My graphics & web training is going well!  I'm taking my fourth class today, from the comfort of my own kitchen table!  I am loving these online live classes.  The interaction with the instructors and other students is great, I don't have to get up super early and drive 30 - 60 minutes to class, I save on gas/travel/lunch, I'm able to be at home with the dogs and I have all the comforts of home within reach... literally!  We have a morning break, lunch hour and afternoon break, which all allow me to let the dogs out and do some stuff around the house.  Last week I did dishes during my lunch break... I think I might knit today!

Ready for another #graphics #webdesign #training #class ... #coffee #wishingiwasknitting Ready for class 2 #Photoshop #training #breakfast #chobanipowered #coffee #letsdothis

Let's see... what else?  I finally put together and ordered the man's hero cards for 2013.  I would have picked a different photo, but he loves this one (taken & Instagrammed by yours truly).  We should have them in time for Saturday's race (complete with pre-race on track meet and greet)... if it doesn't get rained out!  



Lola had another 4 week check up last night.  She's been doing extremely well and as of 4 weeks ago, was back up to nearly 77 pounds - after being down to a very skinny 67.5 pounds at her lowest during the past 6 months.  Well, last night we learned she gained another 6 pounds in the past 4 weeks, and is currently at 83 pounds.  Guess it's time to cut back on that extra "fatten her back up" food!  (At her heaviest, several years back, she was at 90... she's far better off in the 76-78 range at her age) 


She is back to acting like her happy-go-lucky self, and back to romping and playing with her siblings!  We're keeping her on 10mg, once a day of prednisone for another 2 weeks and then we'll try switching to every other day. 


Doggy parents, please note we posted 2 fun reviews this week, including a giveaway of Buzz Guard just in time for outdoor summer activities!  Please go enter if you haven't already!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  What's on your agenda?  I will be screaming in front of the TV tonight (i.e. watching the Bruins game), we are hoping to race on Saturday night (if the rain clears) and Sunday we will be celebrating 18 years together!


Golden Daily Scoop said...

We can't wait for the game tonight! Go BRUINS!!!!

Kathy R said...

Sounds like you had a good week! Have a great weekend and happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Love your work area. Fresh air makes the best work environment.

tubby3pug said...

Looks like u have to s of fun stuff going on which Is great
I just wanted to let u know I haven't gotten the yarn yet but soon as I do I will put pictures if it on the blog
Urban hounds

AllyB said...

Sweet baby colors in your blankie. I usually don't get a sense of urgency about finishing baby stuff until the baby actually arrives, LOL

WonderWhyGal said...

I'm planning on taking some online classes. Glad to see that you like them.

Sue said...

What super great news about Lola. She looks so much better since gaining her weight back.

Go Bruins! I was hoping for a match between Boston and LA because I think they have the two best goal tenders in the league, but it looks like we'll probably get Chicago instead.

Life with Wrigs said...

So glad your class is going well! Thanks for sharing the awesome update on Lola! Hurray!

Susan and Wrigs

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