Monday, February 10, 2014

Casey Jones Bones Make Everything Better

Monday, already?  It seems the weekends fly by faster and faster every week. 

The Lapdogs were not very pleased with the mischief their humans got into this weekend.  We left them home alone on Friday evening, then again on Saturday.

#8 Hooligan Motorsports US Legends Car at The Racers Expo

In our defense, it was for a good cause.  We were displaying the race car and manning the NELCAR booth at The Racer's Expo.  We met a lot of new people, saw many old faces and had a great time with our racing family.

#NELCAR booth at The Racer's Expo #uslegends #racing

And yes, we were handed out lots of samples of Casey Jones Bones.  They truly are the best sponsor ever, just ask Tut & Lola! All four of the Lapdogs would do anything for a CJB, especially the seasonal Wheat Free Cranberry Mint flavor.

Tut & Lola love Casey Jones Bones

They humans spent all day yesterday making up for their mischief with lots of snuggles, scratchies and yes, treats.  After all, a handful of Casey Jones Bones makes everything better.

Apparently, our human mischief was so taxing on the boys that they were even caught sharing a couch together.  Seriously, this happens next to never!


What mischief did you bring about this past weekend?

1 comment:

Marjie said...

I love it when you can park a car on carpet. Seriously, that doesn't happen often. Glad the Lapdogs settled down for a nice snooze on Sunday; at least you pesky humans stayed home so they could enjoy ONE day of their weekend, right?

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