Friday, February 14, 2014

{This Moment} See Beautiful: LOVE

Happy Friday, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy See Beautiful blog hop day!  This month's topic is certainly on point for today... LOVE.

You all know that I have four very lovable babies in my life.  It's hard for me to admit that they are all considered seniors now.

Zeus, my handsome big guy is a master doggy kisser - not too sloppy like most pooches.  He's going to be 13 next month and has provided nothing but unconditional love all these years.  It's so hard for me to watch him slow down.


Lola, my sweet baby girl.  Despite her ongoing battle with an auto immune disease, she remains nothing but upbeat and lovable.  She loves nothing more than giving kisses and snuggles (even to the V-E-T) and sticking her nose in Grampy's pockets looking for cookies (my girl has no shame)!    


Teutul, my sometimes annoying, but always hilarious Tennessee boy.  He's one of those sloppy kisser pooches.  His method is to sneak attack you when you least expect it (i.e. when your mouth is wide open).  Tut's favorite thing in the whole world (next to food) is cuddling on the couch with his humans.


Sophie, my her Daddy's shy little Princess.  He thinks she can do no wrong, even when she's obnoxiously barking for dinner or whacking us when we're not paying enough attention to her.  She's the only Lapdog who doesn't give kisses... Miss Sophie is a master sniffer however (especially at the crack of dawn when she gets up on the bed to wake us up by sticking her nose THIScloseTOourFACES). 


They are the loves of my life, along with their Daddy, of course.  I'm truly a lucky girl, having five wonderful Valentine's in my life!

Won't you join us in today's See Beautiful LOVE blog hop - show your love and support a great cause!  For every blogger who joins, See Beautiful is donating a book to St. Annes Center Homeless Shelter.  The goal is to donate 10,000 books to create a children's library, so blog away!  


Anonymous said...

Such Beautiful dogs to have in your life. Happy Heart Day!

Unknown said...

I agree you are lucky to have all those dog kisses. They are so cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing!! We saw beautiful in your little ones today. Thank you also for joining our See Beautiful blog hop! We are so happy to donate a brand new children's book to St. Anne's Homeless Shelter in YOUR honor!

tubby3pug said...

they are all beautiful and I totally feel for you with Zeus aging. Tubby will be 13 next month and Norbert willbe 12 in July time flies

retro rover

Sue said...

You have some beautiful valentines there. Have a happy day.

Marjie said...

Happiness is Love. Great pictures; I love how you framed them.

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