Tuesday, October 14, 2014

REVIEW: Clearview Dog Fence Solution

Clearview Dog Fence Solution

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Does your dog spend his days wondering if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?  Perhaps he can hear critters rustling around, but because of your solid surface fence, he can't see what all the fuss is about?

With Clearview Dog Fence Solution, now he can! 

The Clearview Dog Fence Solution is a unique and innovative solution for curious dogs!  This 9.5" diameter clear acrylic bubble provides your dog with a 360 degree view of the outside world. 

Clearview Dog Fence Solution helps alleviate your dog's natural curiosity and can be installed in about an hour.  The bubble window comes with a durable black rubber seal, as well as all of the hardware you need.  If this type of DIY-project isn't for you, don't worry.  The manufacturer has list of providers nationwide who can be hired to install one for you. 

The versatile bubble is easy to clean and won't fog or fade. It has been designed for use with wood, panel, vinyl or PVC fencing, as well as with concrete.  And, because you can install it at any height you would like, it's really a "one size fits all" solution for most any dog.  (note: the manufacturer does not recommend this product for extra large breeds, such as Great Danes and Mastiffs)  Clearview Dog Fence Solution is also weather resistant - it has been designed to resist high heat, as well as temperatures below 0 without cracking.

From the manufacturer's website:
  • Pros

  1. Reduces barking and other boredom behaviors
  2. Compatible with wood, PVC and other fences
  3. Highly durable low maintenance
  • Cons

  1. Requires basic carpentry tools for installation
  2. Difficult to install on metal fences
  3. May not be enjoyed by extra large dogs
2014-09-28_01-01-23We did not actually install our Clearview Dog Fence Solution, as we do not have a full wood fence.  However, we had some fun testing it out regardless.

The Clearview Dog Fence Solution retails for $59.95 and currently has a free shipping offer.  If you've got a solid fence, throw your dog a bone... and let him see what he's missing on the other side! 

Disclaimer: Dog Fence DIY sent a Clearview Dog Fence Solution to Lapdog Creations for review purposes.  I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own.


Marjie said...

I wonder why it's not for giant dogs, AKA "Full sized doggies"? So it wouldn't be good for Shannon's Natasha. Still, it's a good idea, if the dog gets the idea that he can go look through it to see beyond his fence.

Sue said...

I've seen those and they seem like a good idea for a single dog but my pack would fight to see who got to use it and then if they saw a squirrel on the other side, they'd charge the fence or climb it. With my group it's better to remain uninformed.

Ruby said...

Oh man, I would NEVER leave that!! I really really really want one for the outside fence!!! Butts, that is solid stone, so no deal there. The only wood fence is to our neighbors backyard, and I don't thinks they would appreciate my snooter starin' at them when they had a BBQ! ☺
Ruby ♥

tubby3pug said...

you have a beautiful fence we have ugly chain link and a tiny yard

retro rover

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