Friday, February 13, 2015

{This Moment} See Beautiful: Comfort

This timing of this month's See Beautiful blog hop seems rather fitting in so many ways, as does Sugar's topic of dog's comfort.

I agree with Sugar's Mom 100% - it is impossible to hide your feelings from your dog(s), and they certainly do feel empathy.  Being a multi-dog household, I can attest to the fact that every dog is different.  They each have their own unique personalities and they each have their own ways of comforting their humans.

Talking  - err, typing - about this, brings up so many memories of Lola.  She had a knack for comforting me anytime I needed it and I miss her so very much.  I miss her greeting me as I arrived home, always with a toy in her mouth.  I miss winding down the day, snuggling with her on the couch while watching our favorite TV shows.  I miss her entangling herself in my yarn as I knit.

I miss Lola.  Her smile was infectious, her desire to cuddle made my heart melt, and when she gave you a kiss, it was pure joy.  My girl was so amazing that even during her toughest days, while fighting her own pain, she made it a point to comfort me, licking away my tears. As selfish as this sounds, I was counting on my baby girl to be there to comfort me when it came time to say goodbye to her big brother.  Although, I know losing her brother would have been the hardest thing for her to go through... 

In keeping with Sugar's Mom's comfort theme, I want to tell you about the awesome folks over at  We are so proud to be a part of their blogger family. Sure, the dogs get to taste test treats each month, but their Mama gets to partner with a special company who truly cares about pets and their families.  As if sending us free stuff to try wasn't enough, the Chewy team continues to go above and beyond, surprising and amazing us each time. 

I know some of my fellow Chewy blogger team members have already shared the beautiful portraits they recently received from Chewy, but I was saving mine for a special post.  Today seems quite fitting.  

2015-02-09_10-03-23 2015-02-09_10-08-08

Our portrait arrived on January 29th - a heart-wrenching day that will forever be etched in my heart - the day we said goodbye to our baby girl.  Not only did Lola get to see it, but she had a grand time barking at the FedEx man (it's been so quiet in our house since then). 


The portrait is a take-off of the photo-shopped pic I posted to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and while I never would have guessed this would be the one picked to be painted, it sure did make us all smile (as the accompanying note suggested). And, I can't help but smile each time I look at it now. 


2015-02-09_10-05-30 2015-02-09_10-06-44

The next day, we received another special delivery from Sydney and the Chewy team.  It was snowing and the florist called to make sure we were home to get a delivery.  Oddly enough, not one dog barked when the man pulled into our driveway (which, if you ever pulled into our driveway, well... let's just say, the whole neighborhood would know someone was at our house).


The flowers truly touched my heart.  I love all flowers (what girl doesn't), but these weren't any 'ole flowers, they had an extra special touch to them... the color purple.  Purple was Lola's color. 


The arrangement was stunning.  The white roses (full size and mini) opened up the next day and smelled incredible.  That distinct, and comforting, floral smell greeted me as I arrived home for several days after.  Lola loved to stop and smell the roses, just like her Mama... I hope she was looking down and sniffing away.  

The roses are opening beautifully. Thank you again @chewy They smell amazing too! A little comfort at an extremely difficult time. #CancerSucks

Thank you so very, very much to Sydney and the entire Chewy family for the concern and compassion you have shown us, and the comfort you have sent to us.  I am so proud to be a part of your team, and honored that you care so very much about my furkids.

I brought my baby girl home on February 3rd.  She really would have loved her flowers...



Blueberry's human said...

What a sweet post. Love the portrait and that you not only have some beautiful mementos, but wonderful memories of Lola as well. :)

GOOSE said...

What a beautiful post. Indeed it truly is. My MOM has leaky eyes right now.

M. K. Clinton said...

Oh my heart is breaking. I am so sorry for your loss and I agree that the Chewy folks are the kindest that i know. Treasure your love and memories. ♥

Marjie said...

Those flowers are beautiful. What a nice tribute to Lola.

Golden Daily Scoop said...

What a beautiful tribute!!! Chewy is truly the best! Hugs to you all! xo

Rascal and Rocco said...

So sorry for your loss. What a perfect time for a special gift. That was so kind of Chewy to send flowers ~Rascal and Rocco

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