Thursday, August 10, 2006

We Made It...

... through Zeus' surgery and casting on my very first sock!

His surgery went well, although the past couple of days have been long and tiring. He's stopped crying as much and started hobbling around a bit, however he's been the most stubborn dog when it comes to letting us help (of course... what else should I expect from one of my dogs, who just happens to be male, right?). Instead of letting us help him to get around (esp down the stairs) with a towel sling, he's decided its better to go it on his own -- he really hates the towel idea and even the ramp that we borrowed to help with the outside stairs. He won't even go near the ramp -- did I mention he's one stubborn dog? I think most of his crying now is because he can't get around and do everything he usually does all day (lounge on the couch ... get up on the bed to look out the window ... sit out in the driveway chasing away the birds...). He spent most of yesterday laying in his new "batcave" -- which would be the hallway near the bedrooms so he was fairly close no matter if I was in the bedroom or living room. I had given out the new toys to Lola and Teutul in hopes of keeping them busy, as well as a wubbie to Zeus for comfort. Awhile after little sister and brother had their fun with the new toys, I looked over and noticed this ...

Tut actually spent time bringing a lot of the toys over to Zeus.... awww... brotherly love at its best!

Now .. some knitting news! I did cast on my very first sock and I can officially say I'm addicted (although I've yet to get to the heel flap, so some cursing may be in order shortly, but we'll see). Rather then mess up any of my "good" (i.e. expensive!) sock yarn stash, I'm working my first pair from Lion Brand's Magic Stripes in Bright Spring.


I've yet to travel with my sock (I haven't been out of the house since we brought Zeus home on Tuesday evening), however we did catch the major news on the latest terror threat and the tightened airline security this morning... I think if he were any lesser of a sock, this news would've scared him right off his needles at the thought of traveling anywhere, but he seems to be one brave sock!


I've also progressed a little further on the Broadway scarf ... it would be done by now, but of course as you know I'm not a monogamous knitter and therefore I have several projects going (the car seat blanket is still a work in progress as well). I did experiement with some different yarns for the baby hats and turned out 2 more toddler size hats for my stash to send up to Jenn for Spa Fina Boutique (these should've been baby size, but as my yarn experimenting is going, I think these may be more of a toddler fit). My deadline is approaching and I would like to get at least 4 more - baby size - done before sending them up).


That's all for now ... knit on ... and send chocolate wine (did I meniton I haven't been out of the house since Tuesday evening and have been listening to my poor baby cry for 2 days?)!

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Gina House said...

Love the scarf, love the little hats...and the sock.....FANTASTIC...good job! Glad the Zeus is doing well!

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