Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Goodies and Gumdrops for me!

Happy early birthday to me! :-) Yea okay, so its not for another 11 days, but lookie here at the presents I bought for myself last Wednesday night at the Chester Knitting Guild at Joanne's "A Knitter's Garden" shop (she really needs a website so I can link it here, lol)....

First, here is a trio of absolutely amazing items from the wonderfully talented Heather. She made me this doggy-chic straight needle holder to match the circular one she created a few months ago. I regret not having photoed it open - you have got to see this thing... it is big enough to hold all the needles one could dream of owning HUGE (Heather says "Do I do anything on a small scale?" lol)! Then... while browsing some of her newest crafty creations in the shop, I instantly had to have these size 8 leopard handcrafted Sereknity needles. Aren't they the coolest (hands off - they're MINE and I can't wait to knit with them!). And... last but certainly not least, my very own skein of Goody Gumdrops yarn. I feel in love with this when I saw the photos of Gina's awesome sock - which has been entered in to the Ewe'll Love It sock contest btw -- ladies and gentlemen, vote for Gina!


Here's a closer look at the yummy yarn and needles...


I also picked up these row / stitch markers which my Mom had ordered from Heather... aren't they pretty?


Not too many other photos for you today. Sadly, no new finsihed works... but have plenty "in progress", including these two creations... my 2nd Lion Brand sock and a navy baby hat for my friend Jenn's little bundle, Nate...


I'm gearing up to start on some holiday gifts, but wanted to get these two things finished soon. I also can't wait to start my own pair of Smocked Gauntlets, which seem to be all the rage lately (and congrats to Heather for getting her very first free pattern "published" on Knitting Pattern Central too - you are one cool kat!).

That's all for now - been one crazy and stressful week around here ... which calls for some wonderful knitting meditation hours to come (and hopefully some finished works!).... till next time... HAPPY FALL!

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Gina House said...

Wow...great goodies...I SO love that Goody Gumdrops yarn! Isn't Heather's stuff wonderful??? Thank you for linking to my sock and voting for it, too! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Your sock is looking super, by the way! Did you check out my FO Friday???

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