Thursday, October 05, 2006

Festive Fall Findings...

Okay, so "festive fall findings" really doesn't mean too much, but I couldn't think of a better title for my entry today and I just had to write several "festive fall savings" ads for work, so its stuck on the brain!

Although, I did have a festive time at guild at A Knitter's Garden last night. We even had a newbie, though as anyone who knows me well knows that I can't remember names to save my life ... but she was a nice woman who I learned lives somewhat near me. I worked on my Magic Stripes sock and we chatted and laughed... and laughed some more! I picked up this adorable pattern and some lilac yarn to make a special little lady a special Christmas gift.

After I followed Heather up to the Manch Vegas group that meets at Barnes and Noble. I've been really meaning to get up there to meet everyone for awhile now and finally did! I had the pleasure of finally meeting Gina, who already feels like a long time friend, as well as Ericka and Chris, Gaye and a few more faces who I recognized from other's blog photos, but again... that whole name thing. If people could just wear name tags for the first few times I meet them, life would be so much easier! I hear there's a trick ... something like when you're introduced to someone, repeat their name as you acknowledge them... yea, maybe I should try that... but do you think they'd run away screaming if I repeated their name 20 times? hhmm.. Anywho, everyone was GREAT and I had such a blast. I worked on the navy baby hat for Nathaniel and I got a big taste of the Manch Vegas world... the laughing and cackling, fun loving, yarn obsessed and completely uncensored dialogue - where no subject seems to be beyond bounds - and I loved it! What a fun group... great people. It was a little different being in a more public group where people are just around browsing for books and such (as opposed to knitting guild at Joanne's which is at her house/shop), but what fun! I didn't even notice any strange looks at the group of knitters either! I will surely return from time to time. I found some wonderful friends.

I forgot to take photos for the blog today, so I'm going to hijack a few from Heather's site so I can show you the gorgeous yarns I got from her last night!

First up is my Rocklobster that I'm going to use to make the Smocked Gauntlets...


Next up, the stunning Vineyard in fingering weight. Most likely a pair of socks will come out of this. The colors are even more vibrant and stunning than the picture shows!


Are you jealous? Don't be silly ... you can get your very own Sereknity yarn here!

Back to festive fall stuff... eh, that would mean back to work... even though with the unseasonably warm and beautiful day we're having, I'd much rather be outside knitting! Hopefully it'll be a nice weekend, as I'm hoping to make it to Topsfield Fair and possibly to Webs, as I received a lovely gift certificate for my birthday (just 2 more days... but, I did get to open one present early as Matt's Dad & Sue came up to visit last weekend -- I got this book and the gift certificate... an extra thank you to them!).


Gina House said...

Nic...I also LOVED meeting you and you feel like a close friend to me, too! Wish you were able to come to the Grand View weekend with us! What do you have planned for your birthday tomorrow???

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you, but I had to leave early for the premiere of Lost (I know, I'm such a loser). I love that vineyard yarn Heather's colors are gorgeous! Oh, and I'm so glad you got the Angel sweater, you're going to love knitting it!

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