Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I finished sock #1!

Look Ma ... no hands, just feet ... lol! I did it... finished my first sock yesterday! I was so excited I wanted to move on to "bigger and better" (aka nicer sock yarns), but I did cast on the 2nd Lion Brand Magic Stripes sock (you can even see the first round or two in the photo of my big footsie).... after all, I don't want to catch "second sock syndrome!"

So what do you think? No comments on my large feet necessary ... just the sock!

Over the rainy long weekend, we ventured up to Meredith, NH to meet family for dinner at Hart's Turkey Farm (YUM-O!) on Sunday evening, so I took the opportunity to leave a bit early and trek an extra 20 minutes North to Center Harbor to visit Patternworks (Matt was a good sport too - he even came in and poked around!). It was my 2nd visit - an okay shop, but definitely smaller than expected and the ladies who work there are not the most friendly or warm-welcoming (read: go on in, poke around a little, if you know what you want or what to browse, you're all set, but definitely don't expect any warm & fuzzies or much help). I went looking for some small DPN sizes in mind and picked up 0, 1 and 1.5. Of course I couldn't walk by the sock yarn (my new obsession!) without looking... or buying for that matter! I picked up a skein of Fortissima Disco Colori in grey and a skein of Sockotta in a vibrant mix of red, yellow, blue (think its "5613" in the bold stripes).


I happened to notice a copy of
"Magic Loop" next to the sock yarn display and grabbed it (Heather was talking about this technique at knitting guild and it definitely sounds like a good one to learn -- anyone tried it? Thoughts? I'm in search of a booklet on knitting 2 socks at once method also if anyone knows of a good one!). I also scored a fun book called Hollywood Knits in the clearance bin for just $5.99!


Not a whole lot of other knitting going on (plent of WIP's though!), but I did finish up 6 baby and toddler hats to send up to Jenn today for Spafina Boutique in Rockport today.


Planning to take a couple hat projects on vacation with me, since they are easy to work on the plane and in the car traveling ... and there will be a lot of car time on this trip. We're staying in Richmond, which is where the NASCAR races are, but we plan a day to Williamsburg and possibly a day to DC. Also, we just got tickets to the Redskins vs. Vikings game for Monday night too and that's in MD. We just might cover 3 states on one trip! And yes, I do have my list of local yarn stores in Richmond and Williamsburg to hunt down (and one of them in Richmond is closing on the 15th - perfect timing!!!)!

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yarnophiliac said...

Hooray for the sock! Fantastic! You are now officially a sock knittah...lol. I'll try to hunt down the good links I found for casting on the two socks at once on the Magic loop -- really helpful. I'll e-mail to you. And bravo for the instant cast-on of #2 -- def. 1/2 the battle. The hats look great as well. Better get your butt to knitting tomorrow girl, but if not, have a fab vaca!

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