Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Festive, my arse!

Its been awhile since my "festive fall" posting... but I am here... you know, just in case someone out there was wondering. :) So, I say festive fall my arse... work has been more stressful than one would like and has really been cutting in to my knitting time! Does that really say 7 months til Charlotte at the top of my blog??? It can't get here fast enough!

No new finished objects to report, though Nate's hat is nearly complete, as is my Lion Brand sock #2 and the diagonal scarf. I'm getting ready to cast on Heather's
smocked gauntlets in her blazing Sereknity Rocklobster colorway, as well as my 2nd pair of socks. Now decisions... what sock yarn to cast on? Trekking? Step? Sereknity? Oh... I just might have to reach in the drawer and blindly pull out a winner. I'm also getting ready to cast on the Angel sweater and whatever else floats my boat... but I just have to finish this first pair of socks and a couple other loose ends before moving forward (not to worry... there will still be plenty of other unfinished objects on needles throughout the house....).

I did cast on a lovely cashmere blend scarf using Heather's handmade needles (scroll down a couple posts to see) and they are knitting quite nicely ... and the tips can do some pretty heavy damage to non-knitters are amazingly sharp and smooth (so yea, I might've poked myself once or twice, but I'm used to it now!). If you need to get some pretty needles for a gift your own collection, be sure to check out
Heather's lovely items.

Made the trek to Webs and got my blocking board with my wonderful birthday gift certificate! I was pretty darned freaking too well behaved while there and didn't fill up the basket too much! I did get some Artful Yarns Fable in #97 Billy Goats Gruff (and no, I didn't just buy it for the funky name!) to make a cardigan.... a gorgeous skein of Fiesta Yarns Insignia La Bhoeme - check it out, hand dyed mohair/wool/rayon/nylon mix to die for, I got the ruby red for a scarf ... I also grabbed a couple skeins of Gedifra sock yarn and some patterns that were in a big 'ole basket marked with my favorite word FREE! Of course most of the patterns were totally 1980's throwbacks, but I did find a couple of decent sweaters in there. I also got some FREE (there's that word again!) coffee mugs, as they were having a special of "spend $50, get a free mug" and well, I spent enough to get 3 mugs... :)

Zeus update... we just hit 10 weeks since surgery #1 and he is at the vet's office today getting the follow up x-rays. Recovery seems to be going quite well and he's been back to his spunky self for quite a few weeks now... if anything he's acting MORE like a puppy again (ay, yi, yi ... 120 pounds of "puppy!"). We're hoping to put off surgery #2 until spring (also known as tax return time), but we'll see what the good doc has to say tonight when we meet to review his x-rays.

Looking forward to knitting guild tomorrow night... see you there? I'll be back later in the week with pictures... hopefully some beautiful New England fall shots for you to feast your eyes on!


yarnophiliac said...

Glad to hear Zeus is doing well, and I hope everything works out at work. Keep me updated on the gaunlets, and let me know if you have any q's on the pattern! h

Gina House said...

Shame on you! Your blog post was making me drool all over my laptop! Oh, that LaBoheme yarn....in red...sounds so lovely. And all the rest, too. Make sure not to keep your window open...you might have a Yarn disappearance tonight! (he he) I'm so glad you like my pattern! It should be available to buy for BP yarns soon...one whole pair takes only ONE skein of the cashmere! woo-hoo!

YarnB said...

Hey, I am going to dye your yarn tomorrow!! I promise! Oh you are a dog nut like I am!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Zeus! I'm glad he's doing so well :) And I cant wait to see my bumpkins hat! You're the best :)

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