Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh How I LOVE Surprises!

I appologize to my wonderful secret pal for being a little late in posting, but that stupid thing that always gets in the way work has been busy and by the time I get home, no time to post... but anyway, look what I found at my post office box on Monday afternoon (and I didn't even have to stalk the lovely post office people!)... which is post marked "Mount Dessert Island, Maine." I am assuming my secrel pal lives nearby (unless she's extra sneaky...) and want her to know how much I adore her area. We used to vacation in Acadia at least once year... until we got the house & dogs and it made it a little harder to take off tent camping on a whim!


Yeah! It's my first goody box from that wonderful secret pal of mine arrived and lookie here what I found inside...


My loot is great!!! I got 4 hanks of Knit Picks Sierra wool/alpaca blend in a wonderful spring green colorway called Lettuce. I love the color and you know what, I don't think its one that I would have bought for myself which makes it even better to get it as a gift (I tend to doubt myself and lean towards my "safe colors" when buying)! I've already stalked the free patterns on the Knit Picks site and am thinking about a few, including this chunky cabled bag or maybe this cable pocket shawl if I can scoop up 4 more hanks (hello, paging secret pal... just in case you know of any around, lol).


Now have a looksie at this gorgeous stitch markers, hand made by my secret pal!


Love them! They are the coolest, funky little bubbly beads. I'm not sure if she also made the beads herself or not, but how cool are they??!! I also got treated with some luxurious goodies, a yummy smelling travel candle and a super cool "Bee Bar," a body lotion bar that I can't wait to use!


And my pal definitely read up on me... which I love! She even sent me 2 of my most favorite sweet tooth addictions, Sweedish Fish and Haribo gummy bears! Thank you secret pal - for an absolutely wonderful surprise package and for taking the time to get to know me. I am so looking forward to the next 2 months!

On that same note, I mailed off a box of goodies to the secret pal that I get to spoil and am waiting to hear back from her. I hope I got it right with the goodies I sent! I've already started picking up things for next month's box to her and am having so much fun with my first Secret Pal exchange!

We had a fun and very filled weekend, with Brandon's meet & greet (the infamous "lost dog in Derry" who now has his own website - his Mom Lisa just posted pictures from Sunday!) and Isabella's first birthday party. Here I am with Brandon (on the left) and hostess doggy Jasmine, commanding attention with treats in hand...


I can now show you the absolutely amazing teddy bear that I commissioned my Mom to make for Isabella...

IsabellaBearBasket IsabellaBearCloseUp


Isn't she absolutely stunning (thanks Mom!)? These crocheted teddy bears are a specialty of my Mom's and only certain people are intitled to get them (she's very picky, but I don't blame her... these bears take a long, long time to make and she needs to know the recipients are going to take good care of them!). Since I don't crochet, I've been fortunate enough to hire Mom to make some for a few very special little girls! Mom has taken to adding a little something, something extra and special to each bear. The one for Isabella is the first one to include rhinestones and a cute little handbag (which plays "Happy Birthday" when squeezed!).

Still not a whole lot of knitting going on in my house, with Dustee the houseguest still here. This is most of what's been happening...


That would be lots of playing and wrestling with 4 doggies in the house... he and Lola are playing with "mousey" above. Dustee made the big mistake of checking out foster Mommy's knitting corner this morning while I was getting ready for work... he managed to tear apart my sheep tape measure, a lip gloss and a small ball of leftover sock yarn.... he's certainly got more "puppy" in him and is letting it all out as he gets comfortable in our house! Lucky for him I do love and adore him and he didn't get kicked out of the house when I found sheepy in 100 pieces this morning! After all, in the week and half he's been here, this is the only "no-no" incident. Dustee has been amazing - even going all day with no accidents in his crate while I'm at work (amazing, esp for a shelter dog... that's like 9 1/2 hours!). Of course, now I'm hoping the Easter bunny might bring me a new sheepy on Sunday... but unfortunately, I don't think my honey bunny quite knows where to find one. Any help and hints provide to the man would be much appreciate, lol...

On that note I will leave you with a close up of the card my secret pal included in the goody box... I absolutely love it! You just might find me later this week in much the same pose with a bottle glass of wine, letting foster Daddy take over doggy romper room (he's been escaping to band practice a couple nights a week lately and finding other silly things to do like driving to CT to buy a new gokart... I think its anything to keep from getting too attached to the little man if you ask me, but Dustee is going to meet his possible new family on Saturday morning and I think we'd both admit that we are quite attached as it is, this little guy is so captivating!)


I'm so glad tonight is knitting night .... I need my fix (and my new Sereknity colorways from Heather!). ..... and btw, for those of you non-locals, I feel you should know that we're expecting snow tonight... yes, I said friggin' snow!!!! argh. Happy Spring.......


Anonymous said...

Expecting? It's been snowing in Nashua for an hour now.

And I love that color. If your pictures are true to the color then I think it will complement your coloring very well.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Wow, what a great package from your secret pal!

Had to skip knitting tonight (first time in 2 months I've missed!), so I'm sorry I missed you in person!

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