Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yes folks, spring has arrived and so has my AH-CHOO season (aka seasonal allergies, though I don't think I have a season that I don't have something going on anymore)! I took some photos of the little purple crocus that have sprouted up and bloomed in front of the house, but sadly keep forgetting to download them from the camera. They're hearty little fellows, considering I planted just a few 6 years ago and haven't done a thing since. That means no weeding or clearing out of the yucky leaves from what I had good intentions of being flower beds in front of the house... good intentions indeed, however I discovered that I just DO. NOT. WEED.

On the same note, I do not have any knitting photos for you today (still on the camera). I am working on a great new project (intended to be a gift for someone who reads the blog so photos won't come for a couple weeks on that) that I'm having a blast knitting, as well as still working (slowly) on the shaped alpaca scarf and some other UFO's.

Joanne and I signed up for the Granite State Knit-In XVI (sadly, no website to give you info) at Loon Mountain. I can't wait - sounds like a great day of fun, knitting & friends. Brandon's Mommy Lisa also signed up, which means we'll get to spend lots of time gabbing about knitting and doggies too! Lisa needs a blog by the way... are your reading this Lisa?!?! Lisa? Dog rescue volunteer, jewelry designer and a knitter just getting her addiction back (she confessed to knitting in bed by flashlight the other night! I would say she's an addict!) ... yes ma'am, you must enter blogland! I also just found out that Cyndi from Y&F signed up as a vendor.

Speaking of doggies, I will leave you today with a couple of photos I just received of the one and only
Dustee! His new Mom has been sending me occasional updates and photos, for which I am incredibly thankful for... they always bring a big smile to my face when I open my email and see something from them!

Little Man (now "big man" in his new home) on the run
with sister Kaia's favorite ball

I think Kaia got the ball back ... I love this pic... Happy & Content


NH Knitting Mama said...

I didn't know they still did a Granite State Knit-In! I haven't been in years, but will look it up to see when it is. Thanks!

Kare said...

Dustee sure does look content. That's so nice to see.
Oh I think Lisa should have a blog, too. Anyone who knits in bed by flashlight is going to have an great blog!

Gina House said...

Oooh, I'm excited to see what the secret project is! Isn't it hard working on a secret knititng project? I have THREE going and it's so hard NOT to blog...i'm itching to do it!! Cute pics!

Criquette said...

That is one little dog who looks right at home. You did a good job for him and his new family.

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