Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Very Sad Day

I admit that I had not read up on the latest happenings with Michael Kennan lately... we'd sent our donation to his medical fund and I've kept his info on my blog, periodically checking it for good news... Sadly, I sit here typing with tears in my eyes as I was just alerted by Lisa that Michael had tragically passed away on June 18th. Please read the letter from his brother here. The letter notes a memorial service to be held this Sunday, July 8th.

I didn't personally know Michael, but felt I got to know him through this tragedy and reading the blog and updates. He was is a true hero. Bobby the dog will be forever grateful.

Rest in Peace Michael....

If that doesn't bring tears to your eyes, this mightl... It's very cute, but sad at the same time. Please watch it ... and please, "Punish the Deed, NOT the Breed!" (and for happier news, please be sure to scroll down to view "Dottie's Update" post if you missed it!)


Anonymous said...

The pit bull video does make me sad. I grew up around bulldogs all my life and ever since I was a teenager I have been on the defending end for them. I truely believe that a dog's attitude and aggressiveness is brought on by how the dog was raised. Most bulldog breeds I have come in contact with have been the sweetest and most loving creatures I have ever met. The two that my mom and dad had were just big ole babies that just wanted to play fetch or tug-a-war and lick you to death. The one my Papa had when I was little just wanted to make sure the kids didn't go out in the road and didn't get spanked in front of him. These three dogs were so loving and protective -- not mean and aggressive as they are portrayed. The dog breed shouldn't be punished but the people who raise them to be mean should.
Sorry for such the long post. I love all animals and a breed should not be punished just because a few were raised differently and didn't know any better.

Anonymous said...

pit bulls are sooo cute, i know someone who had one and he was the sweetest thing!

I want one & a boxer maybe you can help convince my mom! ;-)

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