Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Quote for the week!

"This one's for every one of those fans in the stands who pull for me every week and take all all the bullshit from everybody else..." -- Tony Stewart after winning Indy on Sunday, 7/29/07


And that's why I love him... you'll never hear any other NASCAR driver be so brutally honest and always say what he wants, no matter what the pr people tell him to say....


So... I haven't had a chance to download the Maine Yarn Crawl pics yet, but will get to that later in the week... a few quick updates...

Mom ~ Thank you all for the well wishes and thoughts for my Mom this week. It really means a lot to me and I can't wait for Mom to get back to her computer and catch up on the blog & your comments! She is doing much, much better and feels much, much better. She'll be in the hospital at least thru the end of the week, as they continue to give her antibiotics thru IV and other things to get her healthy and send that nasty infection away. She had a blood transfusion on Sunday. The cat scan showed that things were clearing up nicely yesterday... yet still no definite cause for the infection at this point. More tests today, including the colonoscopy.
Tuesday Afternoon Update... Mom is scheduled for surgery tomorrow afternoon to remove part of her colon, which will then be sent out for testing.... please keep her in your thoughts!

Bella ~ I heard from Bella's new Mom and found out they've changed her name to Cotton. It sounds like she sure is keeping them on their toes! They've enrolled her in obedience classes and things are going well thus far. Bella (sorry, hard to get used to Cotton) even climbed
Mt. Tecumseh with them last week!

That's all for now... though I did just find out that I won (yea, I couldn't believe it either!) a contest that my Secret Pal 10 host had at the end of the round... can't wait to see what it is! I promise the Maine yarn crawl post very soon! I will leave you in suspense by telling you that our route was
The Knitting Experience Cafe then Purl Diva then Ewe & Me and finally, Halcyon where we had our Double Knitting class!


Joan said...

Cotton? Hmm...I loved Bella myself. In a fiber contest, how about Cashmere, nickname cash or Mohair, nickname Mo. ;-p

Anonymous said...

Cotton, cute. I like Bella more also, but it works.
I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I went through a tough time over a month ago with my dad having a lung biopsy. It was a scary time, he's doing better slowly but surely. One day at a time... glad to hear she was improving.
Looking forward to YH!

silfert said...

With so many people sending good vibes, she can't help but improve! Here's to more of the same... :)

Alana said...

Will keep you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers. My mom has had some struggles lately, too, so I understand how tough it is to see your mom in that situation.

Paula said...

Oh I am sorry to hear about your Mom, I hope she gets well soon.
Here are good thoughts of healing and peace traveling your way.

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