Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Quickie

This will just be a quickie Sunday post due to... 1) I'm starving and need to go get some late lunch, 2) I want to go sit and watch more of the NACAR race, 3) I really need to go work on my Ravelympics project and 4) I can hear thunder in the distance and the sky looks like this as yet another frigging a thunderstorm is rolling in...


The kids were lounging out on the porch when I heard a couple very distant rumbles as I was taking some WIPs out there to photograph... No sooner did I get a few pics snapped, a rather loud distant rumble came and I've never seen 4 dogs run so fast to get inside in my life!

Here is the said Ravelympics project, the Offset Wraplan baby sweater which I cast on an hour ago (and really should have started 2 days ago but got a bit sidetracked)...


One of the things I was sidetracked with was a square for Luke's blanket. Silly me tried to get extra creative by casting on with fingering weight yarn on size 2 DPNs for this...


With a super busy weekend, and 2 days in to the square, I quickly realized I had to forgo this square for Luke's blanket and instead cast on something that would knit up much quicker, as they needed to get it in the mail quickly to Michelle. With that done, I have decided the above square will be the first of many to be knit over several years months to come and will result in a Barn Raising Quilt (for those not on Ravelry, the pattern is in the Knitalong book). I'd been thinking about doing something similar with leftover sock yarn, so this is a perfect ongoing project (and I'll always have Luke to thank for getting me started).

My other sidetrack is the chemo cap project for which many of you know about. If you haven't heard yet, I've put out a call for chemo caps (deadline August 25th) through my fellow knitting friends, the Purling Petals and the Multitasking 9-5 Ravelry group. I'm collecting as many as possible to bring up for my Mom & Dad to donate to the hospital where they have both received chemo treatments over the past year. Again, not to do a simple and quick knit, my first one cast on was the eyelet chemo cap from the Knitting for Peace book.


As you can see, its still in progress. I'll finish this one, as well as some simple caps too. My Mom made one for a special older lady who's going through treatments for brain cancer, but quickly realized a need for them at this hospital. Hopefully we can fulfill that... at least for awhile.

Quick Dad update... he has one more week of radiation treatments (two times per day) and then will meet with doctors to discuss status. If the tumor in his neck has not shrunk enough for the doc's liking, surgery may be the next step. His throat has been very sore from the treatments and he is using the g-tube now, despite his stubborness. Thank you to everyone who continues to check in, send good vibes and keep both of my parents in your thoughts.


We can still hear the thunder, although we don't seem to be in the direct path for this storm... but there are plenty more showing on the radar map to come. So with that, I leave you for today and will be back tomorrow with another review & winner announcement from the Pampered Paw gifts review!


Turtle said...

you've been very productive! i spoke with mum today and she told me about the storms, as a matter of fact they were without power when i called and trying to get the generator going and also trying to fill in the road which keeps washing away with the huge storms of rain, they cannot get out of their home without this road. Thankfully their river has been one not flooding. Your poor dogs! Keep safe! I think i may have a chemo hat i finished a while back for you!

SissySees said...

Pretty square for Luke. Makes me embarassed to send my humble ones on, but I shall.

Love the pink dog on your project bag.

Keeping both of your parents in my prayers...

Criquette said...

Those skies look like the prairie - keep safe!

Your folks are in my prayers, too. The caps are in the mail and (sorry they're late!) should reach you by Tuesday. And I lovelovelove the Barn-Raising Quilt and plan to make one for myself, too!

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