Monday, June 15, 2009

REVIEW: Namaste Buddy Case

Namaste Bags: Buddy Case
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Namaste Inc.


With summer day trips and car traveling season upon us, I'm sure I'm not the only one constantly grabbing one of my current WIP bags and hoping that I remembered everything I need - stitch markers? yarn needle? row counter? scissors? There is still a lot of hype buzzing around the knitting world about The Knit Kit, but I wanted to turn the spotlight on another great little on-the-go contraption, Namaste's Buddy Case.

Unlike The Knit Kit, the Buddy Case does not come pre-stocked with subpar notions. Personally, I find that a preferable and more suitable option, given that you can choose what items you want - and need - to tote along with you. You choose what to stuff inside, inculding you're favorite decorative stitch markers and the quality notions you're already accustomed to using.


Like many knitters, I turned to the bait & tackle stores and have been using a plastic box to hold most of my notions at home (see above right - I also use a Bass Pro Shops bag to hold my shorter circular needles!). While fishing lends a great hand to knitting and the box works great, it can get a little cumbersome to take on the go - especially with small projects like socks, hats and fingerless mitts. The Buddy Case is the perfect answer to on-the-go notion needs. I can stuff it with exactly what I need for the project I'm working on, toss it in my knitting bag and know that the items are securely stowed and easy to find.


The Buddy Case features magnetized interior walls to keep your metal items in place and a removable interior divider. And of course, it is made of the lush animal-friendly faux leather that you've come to expect from Namaste. With contrast stitching, solid construction, and snap button closure, Buddy Cases look great and can be used not only for your crafting needs, but for your make-up and other personal items as well!

The Buddy Case measures 5.5" x 1.75" x 3" and comes in eight of Namaste's signature colors; Charcoal, Eggplant, Hollywood Pink, Lime, Olive, Peacock, Saddle and Turquoise.

Hurry, grab a Buddy Case - or two! - and hit the road this summer with your travel knitting, resting assured that you'll have all the notions you need with you!


Sue said...

It looks like it holds a lot of little items. Great idea.

Auntie Q said...

Love how you have everything organized and ready to go. Those boxes come in handy for so many things!

Unknown said...

Looks awesome. I use a similar storage solution at home, but a tote-able one would be great. Currently I use a make-up travel case. I really like that the Buddy case is magnetic.

SissySees said...

LOVE my buddy case. I'll have to put my "dog tags" in it though.

(Oh - and I saw a saddle Newport in person today. WAY too rusty for me.)

Kathy R said...

I just got one of these. I really like it.

Anonymous said...

I want one in peacock to go with my namaste knitting bag. need to order in uk though. anyone know a website, i cant find one

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