Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Owls and Otters and a Gibbon... What a Wild Affair!

Let me start off first by pointing out that I missed my own Blogiversary this year (apparently I was more on top of things last year), which was June 15th (I must have been preoccupied with telling you about those Buddy Cases!). So... please join me in wishing a bleated 3 year Blogiversary to Lapdog Creations ... this is post #567! Although I didn't have a contest this year, I do have another ASPCA fundraiser banner at the top of my blog for anyone who's interested in donating or becoming a member with them. Won't you help me raise funds for the animals?

This past Saturday evening we attended Stone Zoo's A Wild Affair for the second year in a row. The rain held off and it was a wonderful night for fun, food and friends... especially the furry ones! I made sure to remember my camera this year and snapped a few cute pics.

These guys & gals were at the entrance greeting folks as we arrived...

StoneZoo_62009_OwlSmall StoneZoo_62009_Eagle

Isn't this snow owl one of the most beautiful creatures you've ever seen? I think so!


As you know (especially if you scrolled back to last year's post), I love otters. I can sit and watch them frolic for hours... I managed to make one of these guys squint and shake his little head after the camera flashed in his face.


StoneZoo_62009_OttersB StoneZoo_62009_OttersC

There is a brand new Gibbon exhibit/enclosure this year, which (so far) features just one female gibbon who was very energetic!

StoneZoo_62009_Gibbon StoneZoo_62009_GibbonD

When she wasn't zipping around, she was hanging around...

StoneZoo_62009_GibbonE StoneZoo_62009_GibbonB

Speaking of zipping, as we were walking out we poked into the bat exhibit once more and boy were they zipping... a little too fast for the camera to catch them in flight though, so you get more of that hanging around...

StoneZoo_62009_Bats StoneZoo_62009_BatsB

This lazy porcupine reminded me of our dogs... just lounging and giving the "leave me alone, I'm sleeping here" look.


It was a fun night for a good cause! I did try my luck at the $25 bears again this year and wound up with a $30 LL Bean gift card. Not bad!


SissySees said...

Happy -versary! Those are great pictures from the zoo.

Sue said...

I love zoos, looks like you had a good time. I have a Beans gift certificate, too and I can't decide what to get. Just when I think I know, I see something else I like even better.

Bubblesknits said...

Happy Late Blogiversary! :-) Love the owl pics.

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