Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let's Knit!

IrelandHandspunLast week sure was a rough one, which resulted in a great lack of "regularly scheduled" blogging.  Now it's time to get back to that and I promise you will see some great reviews (and giveaways) for both my 2 and 4 legged fans soon. 

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is a great one to help aid in releasing stress... 10 Favorite Sweater Patterns.  Well, actually, that may add a tiny bit of stress as I have quite the long list of sweater patterns queued in Ravelry, yet I've still not actually completed such a large adult project.  So, keep that in mind as you read through my wish list of sweaters I'd like to knit....

1. Lyric Tree This is absolutely gorgeous!  Is it bad of me to secretly wish one of my knitting fairy godmoms might knit it for me for Christmas?

2. February Lady Sweater  Who doesn't want one of these babies in her wardrobe?  With 12,668 projects on Ravelry, I'd say this free pattern sure is popular!   I think I want mine in a deep wine color.

3. Neck Down Pullover  I keep saying this will be my first real sweater for me and love the top down, no seam construction.  Yarn & pattern are in my "to be knit" project box.

SalliesFen_HANDdyedalpaca4. Ribbed Baby Jacket  This is one of those so-stinking-cute-I-must-knit-it-for-someone projects.  With a good friend expecting a baby girl this summer, I just might finally cast one on!

5. Mr Greenjeans  Another popular one on Ravelry, and like the February Lady, it's a free pattern!

6. Juliet I think I want to make the sleeveless version to pair with long sleeve tees in the fall.  I noted I would use Brown Sheep Cotton in my Ravelry queue.

7. Offset Raplan  I actually cast this on for a Ravelympics 2008 project!  When I didn't finish by the deadline, I tossed it aside.  I really do need to pick her up and finish it off... there's not even that much left to go!

8. Rocky Coast Cardigan I love everything about this cardigan!

9. Boxy I just came across this one on Ravelry.  With it's modern, simple shape, it looks like the perfect weekend sweater.

10. Robin Another one I just found on Ravelry today.  Top down, seamless, great shape, and best of all, proceeds from the small pattern fee go to cancer research!


Unknown said...

Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Leslie said...

I like Juliet in the sleeveless version, too

Marjie said...

I hope you can pick up the sweater you never finished and get it done; you'll feel so good! I know the feeling of just never getting to the things we'd like to try.

Sue said...

Every now and then I think about starting a sweater, but my attention span is much shorter than it used to be and I know I'd get tired of it before I got it finished. Maybe one of theses days.

Flea said...

Oh. Oh no. I don't do yarn-y things. Smocking is as complicated as I get in the fabric world. No yarn. Pretty things, but my fingers don't work that way.

I'll, um, take a knit hat in that lovely purple, though.

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