Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Mischief: Got Jif?

Where or where does the time fly?  Hard to believe it's Monday already... even harder to believe Spring arrives on Friday...(or at least that's what the calendar says.  The fresh snow on the ground screams otherwise.

There's not a whole lot of mischief going on in the Lapdog household at the moment. Although, Tut sure had some fun with the Jif jar yesterday. 

Got Jif? Tut does and he isn't sharing. #peanutbutter #dogstagram #happydog #seniordog #coonhoundmix

We keep 2 jars of peanut butter open at all times in our house (pb is a food group, right?), one for the humans and one for the dogs.  Lola used to love to lick out the empty jars, but this time Teutul had the honor.   


Don't worry, Sophie and Zeus both had peanut butter in their Kongs while this mischief was going on...

Speaking of my old man, Zeus has been a real trooper and fighting so hard these past couple of weeks, but I think the cancer is really taking over at this point.


He gets very nauseous, which we think may be the result of a tumor pressing on his stomach. He's been getting through it with daily doses of Cerenia, on top of his usual medications that help his mega esophagus, but he seems to be wrenching more often these past few days (luckily, not actually vomiting). It seemed to work really well for well over a week, but Dr. C did make it clear this was just a band-aid.  Unfortunately, I think the f*&king cancer is progressing and destroying him.  My emotions go from extremely sad to extremely pissed off.  We knew we'd be facing difficult decisions with him sooner than later this year, but we thought it would be the mega-e, not that nasty C word.  And we never thought we'd lose our 2 babies to the nasty disease so close together. WHY


Flea said...

Oh honey. Cancer is a summabitch. I'm so sorry. It doesn't pick and choose nicely. (((hugs)))

LA Paylor said...

why oh why!?!

Around here I'd say it's lawn chemicals. We don't use them but all our neighbors do. And they spray for mosquitoes every three weeks. Carcinogenic. I am so sorry for your family. We lost our lab to it. Heartbreaking and angering. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

Talent Hounds said...

So sorry for your family, cancer is such a heartbreaking thing to have to face,

jen said...

Peanut butter is good!

We've been thinking of Zeus man and sending him and you hugs.

Barbara Rivers said...

I am so sorry that your boy has this freakin' disease. Our girl does too, and also takes the cerenia, but thankfully she rarely vomits as it was caught in an early stage.
I wish you strength & lots of warm moments with your boy.

tubby3pug said...

Im so sorry about Zeus all I can say is our time with them in too short.

retro rover

Sue said...

Licking the peanut butter jar is a favorite activity around here, too.

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