Friday, March 13, 2015

Fiber Arts Friday: Thank You

Happy Fiber Arts Friday.  It's been awhile since I've joined, but it's also been awhile since I've completed any projects. 

I had knit up a few chunky cowls for Christmas gifts, which were well received, and decided to make a couple more for special thank you gifts.  Not only are they a fun knit, but with bulky yarn, they are a quick knit.  Which translates into something I can knit with love and gratitude, and get them finished in time to reach their recipients while they could still use them this season.  With everything going on in our house, quick + knitting therapy has been a good thing. 

Teutul was the model for this blue number sent off to a dear friend from high school whom I've reconnected with thru the help of social media.  She's a animal lover, so I knew she wouldn't mind if a certain hound modeled her new cowl.

'Does this cowl make me look extra cute?" - Tut #dogstagram #knitstagram #rescued #coonhoundmix #handknit #cowl

Pattern is the Snow Cowl, a freebie you can find thru that Ravelry link.  The stitch pattern is easy to remember, making it just interesting enough yet not too complicated, and I adore the warm, cozy fabric it creates. 



Tut was a little upset that I didn't let him model Sue's grey version before we sent it off to the Portie household.  But, then I told him this one went to a kitty household and I swear he had a bit of evil laughter thinking there were going to be pesky cats who were going to smell his houndy scent all over the cowl.  I didn't have the heart to tell him the kitties didn't seem to mind, and certainly weren't intimidated by King Tut.



Mlissabeth said...

That looks like a nice pattern. You should make one for Tut, too. It looked good on him. ;)

Marjie said...

It's a very pretty cowl, and I certainly won't be the one telling King Tut that a kittycat likes the fact that he made sure it was cozy.

Unknown said...

Sure could have used that warm cowl this winter! Your friend will love it.

WonderWhyGal said...

Chunky cowls are a perfect gift, especially after the winter we've had. I think you should include a photo of your beautiful models wearing the cowl with the gifts. Two gifts in one.

Sue said...

Fudge has volunteered to model mine for me today even though the temp is approaching 70.

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