Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ten On Tuesday: Extra Light

I haven't played along with the Ten on Tuesday folks for awhile, but today seemed like a good day to chime in.  Besides, this blog could use a fluffy little fun post today.

Today's topic is 10 Things I Will Do During That Extra Hour of Light at the End of the Day...

1. Take more pictures.  I'm always taking pictures, but having longer hours of natural light makes for better shots.


2. Watch the snow melt.  Of course, this also means watch everything become covered in mud... ugh


3. Start spring cleaning the house.  Extra light means we can see the dust and tumbleweeds dog hair more.

4. Get the dogs outside to play more.  Despite our neighborhood's lack of sidewalks, I think this might be the year we start trying to go for actual walks.


5. Make plans for this year's container garden.  I haven't done one the past 2 years, and I really miss the fresh tomatoes and basil. Now to figure out what else will work best in medium - large size containers on a deck (hint: leave tips in the comments please). I've tried string beans, cucumbers, peppers, etc. in the past with not a whole lot of success.


6. Start getting things ready for race season, which will be here before we know it.  I'm hoping to find a couple of businesses to add to our awesome sponsor family this year, so if you've got any type of business that could benefit from some really fun and unique advertising (with your name/logo in front of thousands of folks all year long), get in touch! 

Head Crew #dog is on the job!  #8 #nelcar #legends #racecar #racing #dogstagram #instadog #love #bigdog #mutt #adoptdontshop

7. Knit more. Longer hours of daylight certainly inspire me to do more than just plop down on the couch once I get home from work.

Sitting on the #deck with the #dogs #knitting while he works on the #racecar today. Happy #sunday ... #yarn #knit #debbiebliss #scarf #sunflower #summer #fall

8. Enjoy time sitting outside on the deck.  We have a nice back porch/deck and patio set that needs to be used more often (once it's a bit warmer, of course).  The dogs absolutely love lounging out there... the humans really should take a cue.  It's a great place to sit and knit, or read a book, or drink wine. Maybe this summer we'll even enjoy a few dinners out there. 


9. Catch up with friends for afternoon coffee (working part time gives me a little more flexibility). 

I was tagged by @sundaisy920 for #widn At #Bonhoeffers enjoying a milky way #latte and #peanutbuttercookie with great company! #friends #coffeewithfriends #coffeeshop

10. Now that I've gotten my Cricket loom warped, it's time to finish watching my Craftsy class and start weaving! 


Donna said...

So glad to see you joining the party this week! Go an warp that loom! I love my Cricket. Once you get it warped it goes pretty fast. Weaving on that nice deck would be lovely. It's almost warm enough....

Marjie said...

Tomatoes work really well in containers. Cucumbers do too, but you have to stake them up and it's kind of a pain. You can grow loose head lettuce, like green or red - maybe 2 heads in a pot, depending upon how big the pot is - and pick leaves off the bottom of the head, leaving the rest to continue to grow. It will last a few weeks, actually, which is a really good deal. You can also grow scallions, even in a small pot, because they are small. Now, enjoy those walks and that knitting!

tubby3pug said...

Great list. I can't wait to see your pictures and new knitting projects
Retro rover

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