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#PetSmartGrooming Helps Dogs Look Their Holiday Best #ad

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A few weeks ago, we shared details about Teutul's spa day at PetSmart® Grooming.  It was the first time in his 12 years that he had ever been groomed professionally and my boy sure seemed to enjoy the pampering!  He's certainly ready for the holidays...

Teutul Is Holiday Ready after his #PetSmart Grooming - Lapdog Creations #ad

Despite being a short-haired dog, Teutul has a thick undercoat that sheds - a lot. The shedding leaves his coat looking very dull and flaky, and results in tumbleweeds all over my house. Even if I vacuumed daily (no, I do not), they're still there.  Sometimes I swear those little balls of fur have a mind of their own and have learned to hide until the vacuum gets put away.  
While many pet parents learn to live with it, there are times when you really want a clean, freshly groomed dog... and to not have fur land in your guests' laps as soon as they sit down.  
Whether you're driving over the river and through the woods to Grandma's
house, or Grandma is trudging through the snow to make it to your house,
a clean and happy dog will make the holidays brighter for everyone!

Teutul received PetSmart Grooming's Bath & Brush with FURminator® spa service just over five weeks ago.  I was amazed at how soft and shiny his coat was after just a couple of hours with his new friend Chloe. Teutul walked out of PetSmart a handsome dog - his bandana even said so - with a fabulous coat to show off! His Grammy even commented on how amazing he looked when she visited a couple of weeks later. And, those pesky tumbleweeds went back into hiding for a little while!

Teutul #PetSmart Grooming - Lapdog Creations #ad

Chloe, Teutul's bather, was wonderful with him.  While pet parents cannot see the bathing, which is done in a back room, I was able to see Tut being brushed, as well as getting his nails trimmed and ears cleaned, through the big glass windows. Chloe's interaction with him was fabulous, and I could tell that Teutul was eating up all the attention when I caught him giving her kisses.

Teutul during his #PetSmart Grooming - Lapdog Creations #ad

All of the PetSmart groomers and bathers that we came into contact with were friendly, outgoing and eager to answer any questions I had. I really liked that fact that many of them interacted with Teutul during his drop off, service and pick up - not just Chloe.  It showed me that they enjoyed their jobs and really liked working with pets.


Academy-Trained Pet Stylists at Your Service
All PetSmart salon associates acquire annual safety certification and take additional
course work to learn about dog anatomy, signs of stress and common pet medical conditions.  Groomers (those that give haircuts) receive an additional 400 hours of hands-on training.

There is no time like the present to take your dog (or cat!) to PetSmart Grooming Salon for a spa day. Whether you're getting ready to take holiday card photos, having friends and relatives over for dinner, or heading off on a family road trip, your dog can look - and feel - his very best. After all, a clean dog is a happy dog.  Just ask Teutul!

Teutul #PetSmart Grooming - Lapdog Creations #ad

If you're thinking "oh I'd love to, but I just don't have the time," think again.  At PetSmart, you can book your dog's grooming appointment online from anywhere, at any time - watching the 11:00 news, eating lunch at your desk, or even while standing in the check-out line. And, while your furbaby is getting their new look, you can work on tackling that holiday shopping list!

A few things to keep in mind when booking your appointment...
  • PetSmart requires proof of rabies vaccination for all pets and the vaccination must have been administered at least 48 hours prior to service
  • PetSmart does not perform services on pets 8 weeks or younger
  • PetSmart offers a "Look Great Guarantee" - you will be happy with your pet's service, or they will do whatever it takes to make it right, including offering your money back

If your pet is not in need of a full bath or groom at this time, but could use a nail trim or needs his ears, teeth or glands cleaned, try PetSmart's Walk In Services. You might even include one of the Pet Expressions available to help your dog look his or her best for those holiday photos. PetSmart offers chalking, stenciling, feathering & fur extensions, and more!

Teutul #PetSmart Grooming - Lapdog Creations #ad
I look forward to taking Teutul back to see Chloe in the future.  And who knows, maybe he'll even bring one of his sisters with him.  Although, I'm starting to think Mr. Handsome would prefer to keep his spa day pampering a secret all to himself...  

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Beth said...

He looks great! I take two of my dogs to PetSmart all the time, they do a great job!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Yay1 for PetSmart Grooming! Woofs for being handsome :-) Golden Woofs

M. K. Clinton said...

All dogs deserve a spa day. PetSmart did a fabulous job on Pierre too! Now for Bentley's de-shedding visit!

Unknown said...

I have heard a lot about Petsmart grooming lately! It looks and sounds like they do an amazing job too!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

Unknown said...

Love Petsmart grooming and the scents during the holidays are wonderful! I love when Goose comes back smelling like a cookie!

zoepheedogs said...

Teutul looks so good! They did a great job!

Unknown said...

Mom loves Petsmart grooming they do an amazing job on Taffy, she says. Teutul looks very handsome in the last photo but the others didn't load on the laptop unfortunately! Love Dolly

Tenacious Little Terrier said...

Teutul looks all smart and neat for the holidays!

Sweet Purrfections said...

He looks great. My mom takes her dog to PetSmart for grooming all the time.

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