Friday, June 23, 2017

Journey Under the Sea with #PoochPerks

Nothing screams summer like a trip to the ocean... except for those of us who grew up by the ocean. In that case, summer screams tourists.

senior rescue mixed breed dog pooch perks box

But have no fear, no tourists here... just an amazing box jam-packed full of summery fun for the Lapdogs!

Disclosure: Pooch Perks sent a June box to Lapdog Creations, free of charge, for review purposes. We only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers, and all opinions expressed are our own. If you click on our affiliate links and subscribe, we may receive a few pennies to help maintain this blog.

The Lapdogs' favorite thing about turning the calendar forward each month is the arrival of their Pooch Perks Inc. box. They can't wait to see what new toys and treats are stuffed inside, and I can't wait to see what fun theme those Pooch Perks folks have come up with.

June's theme is Under the Sea, which reminds me of home... minus the tourists, of course!

Pooch Perks dog subscription box under the sea

Here's what we found inside our box...

  • So Bright Salmon treats
    • These grain-free, oven-baked treats are crunchy and quite tasty according to Teutul. I love that they're from a family-owned business in Wisconsin.
  • Zippy Burrow Crab N' Rock
    • This interactive, hide-and-seek toy is great for playing with your dog. Stuff the crabs inside and watch as her nose goes to work and she digs them out of the burrow. Since the crabs are on the small side, I would only use this toy for supervised playtime.
  • Emerald Pet Little Chewzzies - Salmon
    • These new-to-us, limited ingredient tiny treats are perfect for both small and large dogs. They are free from wheat, corn, soy and dairy, as well as artificial ingredients, colors and flavors. Plus, they're just 5 calories each! We'll be using them for training.
  • Bow Wow Pet Sea Creatures - Starfish
    • It squeaks, it's chew resistant, and it's adorable! Great for tugging, tossing and fetching.
  • One Fur All Pets mini candle - Mediterranean Sea
    • We've been fans of One Fur All and their odor-removing, pet-safe candles for a long time. This one smells amazing!
doberman mix rescue dog pooch perks box
The Lapdogs are loving everything about their sea-filled box... except maybe that candle. They could care less about something they can't eat or play with, but that's okay because Mama loves it. I also love that they are getting to enjoy two new-to-us salmon treats this month.

Are you ready to treat your favorite pup to a monthly box full of goodies? Before you say "but, my dog doesn't..." let me remind you that there are many ways in which you can customize your dog's box

Dog doesn't like treats or toys? No problem - there's a box for that.
Dog has allergies? No problem - they'll pay attention to that.
Doesn't matter if your dog weighs 10 pounds or 100 pounds - they'll accommodate that.
No matter how small or big your budget is - they've got you covered with various plans.

Pamper Your Pooch with A Monthly Surprise!
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Signing up is as easy... simply choose your options:
  • Popular Pooch starting at $27.95 - features 4 to 5 items (this is the box we receive)
    • Select dog size
      • Little Bit for dogs under 10lbs / Small for dogs 10 - 40 lbs / Medium for dogs 40 - 70 lbs / Large for dogs over 70 lbs / Mixed for multiple size dogs
    • You can add on a Pooch Booster for $7.99 and receive an extra premium toy in your dog's box
    • Select delivery frequency
      • Monthly / Bi-Monthly / Quarterly
    • Select your monthly plan options - and save!
      • Month-to-Month / 3 Months - save up to 5% / 6 Months - save up to 10% / 12 Months - save up to 15%
  • Custom Pooch starting at $31.95 - create a box just for your dog!
    • Select package options
      • Treats, Toys & Accessories / Treats Only / Toys Only
    • Select dog size (see options above)
    • Select Treat Preference Options (if including treats)
      • All Natural or Grain Sensitive
    • Select Toy Preference Options (if including toys)
      • Regular or Durable
    • You can add on a Pooch Booster for $7.99 and receive an extra premium toy in your dog's box
    • Select delivery frequency (see options above)
    • Select your monthly plan options (see options above)
  • Sample Pooch only $11.95 - this option allows you to try Pooch Perks before you make a commitment
    • a sample of 2 items from previous month's boxes
doberman mix rescue dog pooch perks under the sea box

Hurry... sign your pooch up for his or her own Pooch Perks Inc. box today and get ready to enjoy the rest of the summer with new toys and/or treats! Use our code LAPDOG to save 10% off of any box deal, at any time!

Subscriptions make great gifts so don't forget about those pup-nieces, nephews, cousins, and grandkids too!

Got a friend with a new puppy? Check out their special Welcome Home Puppy Kit. And for those special dogs in your life who are celebrating a birthday, order a Barkin' Great Birthday Box.


Collie222 said...

I really like this one! If I order today, do you think we could get this one?

Marjie said...

Aw! The Lapdogs are smiling! I took your advice and ordered the doggy DNA test for Bebop. Chewy's service was great.

Sue said...

That looks like the best box yet. Mom gets all goofy about fish and lobster toys. She says she wishes there were boxes like that when she had just one dog. Now she buys toys in bulk.

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