Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Plato Hundur's Crunch Fish Treats #ChewyInfluencer

Got fish skin?

Hundurs crunch iceland fish dog treats senior rescue

The Lapdogs do and boy do they love crunching it up!

Disclosure: The Lapdogs are Chewy Influencers and received a bag of Plato Hundur's Crunch Jerky Minis, free of charge, in exchange for spreading the word about the product and Chewy. We only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers. All opinions expressed are our own.

I always have my eyes and ears open when it comes to finding new, healthy treat options for my dogs. While we have many go-to favorites, it's nice to have new options to add into the mix.

Due to one dog's low fat needs and another's allergies, I've found myself looking for more fish options lately. They tend to be high in protein, while low in fat, and the Lapdogs seem to love the taste... which I suppose should be no surprise given that their Mama was born and raised in America's Oldest Seaport and highly enjoys her seafood too.

When our friends over at Chewy asked if we wanted to try Plato Pet Treats Hundur's Crunch, I was very intrigued. Since I had not heard of the brand before, I did a little digging first.

I learned that Plato Pet Treats are made with a single-source protein, and never anything artificial. Every treat is prepared in small batches at their organic-certified facility in Fresno, CA from responsibly sourced ingredients. And, I read about the Plato Way...
"The Plato Way:  Real people creating real treats for dogs in the most considerate and conscious way possible in the heart of California. We want you to feel good about what you’re feeding your pet. It’s a responsibility we take to heart. That’s why we monitor every inch of every treat’s journey. From the careful choosing of our responsibly-sourced, all-natural ingredients to our in-house production and conscientious distribution, our sky-high standards are never compromised. This ensures that every treat that leaves our sight is safe, wag-worthy and wholesome." - Plato Pet Treats website

Needless to say, I was hooked and decided to give the Hundur's Crunch treats a try.

senior rescue coonhound dog Hundurs Crunch fish treats

Unlike some other fish treats, Hundur's Crunch is made from the skin, which is a natural source of healthy Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. There are no additives or preservatives... just two simple ingredients; cod skin and golden redfish skin.

The fish is& sustainably sourced from the clean, cold waters of Iceland, which is where the name comes from as well.

Fun Fact of the Day: "Hundur" means "dog" in the Icelandic language.

Hundur's Crunch is available in three forms; Jerky Fingers, Jerky Rolls, and Jerky Minis. We opted to give the Jerky Minis a try, as I thought the little crunch bites would be perfect for all three of the Lapdogs.

3 rescue mixed breed dogs Hundurs Crunch fish treats
And crunchy they are! I was actually a little surprised when I first gave them to the Lapdogs and heard that distinctive crunch, crunch, crunch sound. The joy on their faces as they crunched away said it all (yes, I do believe my dogs can smile while eating a treat), but when all three lined up and started drooling asking for another, it was obvious how much they loved Hundur's Crunch!

I love that these crunchy, low fat bites are a perfect option for overweight dogs or those with skin issues, allergies or food sensitivities. I've been trying to get more fish oil into Penny's diet to keep her coat nice and shiny, as well as to help her seasonal allergies. The Jerky Minis are perfect for that.

The crunchiness of these fishy bites also helps to clean your dog's teeth, which makes them a great alternative to rawhide or bones. This is especially helpful for dogs like Teutul who can no longer chew on hard bones and need something else to help clean the tartar off of their teeth.

Hundurs Crunch fish treats for dogs

Key Benefits
  • Single-source, protein-rich bite-sized treats
  • Just two ingredients: cod skin and golden redfish skin
  • Fish is sustainably sourced in Icelandic waters
  • Grain-free and Gluten-free - no corn, wheat, soy, by-products, or fillers
  • Naturally rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • No added sugars, by-products, protein-meals, or artificial preservatives
  • Help to safely clean dog's teeth by removing tartar build up

The Lapdogs officially give Hundur's Crunch their All Paws Up Seal of Approval! Order some today from Chewy, where 1-2 day shipping is always free on orders over $49. We'll be stocking up for sure.


Masshole Mommy said...

When we had a dog I ordered from Chewy all the time. They had everything I needed all in one place, which made my life a million times easier.

Heather D said...

It looks like the lapdogs enjoyed their crunchy treats! I will look into buying them for my pup!

Sue said...

Those sound wonderful. My dogs had fish skins a couple years ago and absolutely loved them. I love giving them fishy treats because they're so good for them. I'm putting them on our list of treats to order.

Raising Your Pets Naturally with Tonya Wilhelm said...

These look like a great choice. I love that they only contained named fish (Cod skin, golden redfish skin), so you know exactly what's inside. Fish is a great idea for controlling weight. Because it's a real food, you can actually count these calories as part of your pup's daily calorie amount. Love Chewy!

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Our mom got us Beaglebratz ladiez theze - they r most YUMMERLISHUSH! She made a boo-boo tho cuz she got the regular size fingerz an'not the miniz. Oh well, they all taste the same an'that'z what matterz 2 us.
Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie

Unknown said...

I never have seen fish treats for dogs. I know my pup would really like these. Dog treats with real ingredients is so important for long term health.

Unknown said...

I didn't think dogs liked fish. its nice to see that they are made with real ingredients

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Looks like all your dogs responded to the CRUNCH treat. Always good to find alternatives.

Unknown said...

It is weird to see dogs eating fish. Although, I swear my pup would eat everything under the sun if he could. I'm going to have to try these treats and see how he reacts to them!

Unknown said...

I've not heard of this brand, but looks like your doggies loved it! That'll be good enough for our Taffy! (Although I'm not sure she's ever met a treat she didn't like LOL)

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