Thursday, June 15, 2006


Welcome to my very first blog ... created to share my love of knitting ... for both humans & pets ... and the start of "Lapdog Creations!"

I am a 30-something New Englander who has rediscovered the joys of knitting, while kicking myself for not letting Mom really teach me all those years... She really, really wanted to ... and I did make a blanket for a dolly, but knitting just wasn't "cool" then. Now I only wish I had all those years of experience!

I enjoy making lots of small things - scarves, baby bibs, clutch purses... and have a new found love of baby hats. I've yet to attempt my first sweater, but sure do have plenty of projects lined up! I also enjoy making gifts for friends and family. The most recent of my gifts was this little red, white and blue pocketbook for a friend's daughter.

It was well received just before Memorial Day (yes, the colors were on purpose!) and Natalie was looking forward to carrying around all her "stuff" in it... here's the happy little girl hamming it up for the camera just after our "lunch date" in Davidson, NC a couple weeks ago! (side note... as big NASCAR fans, we travel to a couple races each year, with one always being Charlotte in May where we get to spend time visiting with friends who also make the annual trip, as well as some who live down there)

Here's a photo of my 3 "test subjects", errrr... children: Teutul, Lola and Zeus. Zeus is a fabulous hat model and Tut enjoys being wrappd in luxurious scarves. Lola on the other hand, usually just likes to run off with a ball of yarn when no one is looking! All 3 of my kids have been immortalized in the world of knitting, as I've had custom needles crafted of each of their likenesses (if you're curious; Zeus a size 10, Lola a 9 and Tut an 8) by Heather aka A Crafty Kat. You will see them popping up as I begin posting photos of current works on the needles!

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