Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Catch Up...

... in pictures.

All in all, the Patriots vs Jets game on Thursday night was a good game, despite the fact that my Pats lost in OT.

PatsVJets_111308g PatsVJets_111308h

I can now saw that I've seen Brett Favre play in person.


And I had the pleasure of attending Troy Brown Night.



Saturday night was Matt's racing banquet, which is always fun. Here's his class picture (no grade school jokes required)...


A motley looking bunch you say? At least he's not the oldest of the bunch! :-)

These ones might be more recognizable to most of you...

CocaCola100_100508 Matt_83108c

That second one is still one of my most favorite racing pics... unlike this one, but I guess I'll share it anyway...


Congrats to the whole Box Stock Heavy class for a great season!


Turtle said...

Ahh, i had missed the final score, last i saw Pat's were ahead. K, i know i'm a new englander but have always been a packer fan (my second teams are seahawks..by marriage..and the pat's of course) and i never got to see farve play!

SissySees said...

Well, congrats to both of you on a great racing season. I'm waiting for Daytona now... ;)

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