Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sleepy Doggy Day

Happy Doggy Day! Is it really just one week until Thanksgiving? Where has the time flown?

I found myself searching for Christmas card templates for photoshop yesterday and wound up buying one on Etsy. Have I mentioned lately how much I heart Etsy? Have I also mentioned how I need to update my shop? I created a bunch of new marker sets last month and just haven't had time to photo and list them.

We've been rather busy at the Lapdog house the past couple of weeks and its showing... with four very cuddly, clingy, whiney doggies! Of course, there's nothing better on a cool fall night than cuddling up with one or two or three them... hopefully not all at once. Last week Sophie and I feel asleep while Fringe was on (and I wasn't taping it either) - GASP! - I can not let that happen again tonight!

Sophie... "its not my fault you fells asleeps Mommy... I wuz schleping tooooooooo"

Sophie_111009 Sophie_111009b

Lola... "hey wakey!!! Wanna play?? Huh, Huh?? Wanna, Wanna??"

Lola_111009b Lola_111009

Tut... "can you get off the couch so I can sleep with Mommy? Oh nevermind... I'll just lay on top of everyone..."

Tut_111009b Tut_111009

Zeus... "do. not. lay. on. top. of. me. ... or within three feet of me for that matter...this is my space..."

Zeus_10709_yawn Zeus_111009


Marjie said...

Zeus does look like he's warning everyone off! We're getting to the season where you need to rename yourself "Napdog Creations"!

SissySees said...

Interestingly, I can only see Zeus-baby. What a silly photo of him!

I like Marjie's idea... napdog!

Janet said...

Great pics -- Happy DOT!

Dawn said...

Fab pics!

Sonya said...

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. The holiday season is coming way too fast.

I have to say it again, they are all cute but Zeus is my fave.

Anita said...

Less than a week now, GAH! There is just no way I'll be ready for Christmas!

Another week of cutie photos of the puppies. :) I bet you do have a crowded sofa when it's nap time. LOL

Dianne said...

Zeus looks like the wolf in "Little Red Riding Hood"! Kisses to your four from my three.

Sue said...

Zeus sounds just like Tsar. He likes a six foot space all around him and if any of the others violate that space, I hear about it.

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