Thursday, February 18, 2010

REVIEW: Blue Dog Bakery Super Stars

Blue Dog Bakery: Super Stars Small Dog Treats
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Blue Dog Bakery


Blue Dog Bakery recently unleashed Super Stars, healthy small dog treats that are baked fresh in the USA with the highest quality USA bakery ingredients. They are low fat and offer an extra crunch to help clean teeth and freshen breath.

As you may guess, the official Lapdog review team was quite eager to get a taste! As I was trying to photograph the box, this happened...

BDB_superstars_dogs BDB_superstars_dogs2

Super Stars are small in size and low in calorie count (only 9 calories per treat), making them a perfect treat for puppies and dogs of all sizes. They are thin, making them easy to break up for training bites as well. While I certainly do not promote letting your dogs break open their own box, this might give you a hint about how most all dogs go crazy for Blue Dog Bakery...

BDB_superstars_Lola BDB_superstars_Zeus

Super Stars easily received 16 paws up from the Lapdog reviewers and as a concerned doggy Mom, I am happy to say that I feel good giving these to my dogs! Super Stars are baked with 100% pure and natural USA ingredients and are therefore easy for dogs to digest. No animal by-products, artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives or additives are used - just high quality bakery ingredients that taste doggone good. Made in the USA with great ingredients is the first thing I look for when purchasing new dogs treats... being low fat is an added bonus... having all four of my dogs line up and be this anxious for a new treat really lets me know they like them as well.

BDB_superstars_Tut BDB_superstars_Sophie

Each 10 ounce box of Super Stars features an assortment of Grilled Steak, Bacon and Roasted Chicken treats. The variety of flavors of the non-filling treats, help hold a dog's attention during training.

"People consider dogs as family members and we are proud to offer their canine companions a healthier alternative and more nutritious part of a balanced diet," says Margot Kenly, who founded Blue Dog Bakery in 1998 after several years in the gourmet baking industry. “Treats reward and encourage good behavior and that is why a healthier and low fat alternative is very important.”

"Our new Super Stars offer (our customers) high quality USA ingredients, a great crunchy taste and bakery fresh smell that will help keep their dog's teeth and gums clean and strong, their breath fresh, their tails wagging and their dogs coming back for more," adds Kenly.

Super Stars ingredients include: unbleached wheat flour; whole wheat flour; blackstrap or cane molasses; palm oil; whey; oats; nonfat milk; egg powder; baking soda; salt; natural caramel, tumeric or annatto for color; brewer's yeast; lecithin; and natural grilled steak, bacon or chicken flavor.

BDB_superstars_Zeus3 BDB_superstars_Lola2

Beyond offering a healthier, low-fat and natural alternative to mainstream dog treats, Blue Dog Bakery is also committed to lending a paw to animal welfare. Each year the company helps over 800 animal rescue organizations across the country raise money to save abandoned dogs. "We have an automatic "yes" policy for any organization involved in animal rescue be it a large or small organization," says Kenly. "Our customers thank us for helping out and feel good about buying our products because of it," adds Kenly.

All of Blue Dog Bakery's products are made responsibly in the USA. The palm oil found in their treat recipes is sustainably harvested in Columbia, giving them an environmentally friendly edge they are happy to bark about. All of the packaging is recyclable and made from post-consumer waste recycled materials. Blue Dog Bakery also works hard to minimize shipping and logistics in order to reduce transportation. A second warehouse was opened recently in the Midwest to continue their efforts to be the best global citizens possible.


Marjie said...

16 paws up is indeed high praise! And since you're outnumbered 4 to 1, how could you NOT let them open the box? Thor prefers small dog cookies, too, or at least I do. Then he doesn't spray crumbs all over the place!

SissySees said...

Dang the steak flavorings...

Sis is into small cookies these days too, interestingly enough.

Sue said...

I like the idea of small cookies, too. Then I don't feel as guilty about overfeeding them.

Anonymous said...

Look yummy! Gotta love them tearing into the box. My dog would most likely do the same, she loves all cardboard, recyclable or not ;)
Sounds like a good switch up for training treats.

Bekye Eckert and Lexie said...

Lexie loves the small dog cookies! She is 7 lbs and toothless, so it's difficult to find treats she can enjoy (and that I also feel good about giving to her). Now her Rottie big brother can have his big Blue Dog Bakery biscuits, and she can have her Super Stars!

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