Tuesday, February 23, 2010

REVIEW: della Q Straight Needle Roll

della Q: Straight Needle Roll
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In March della Q will be rolling out their Straight Needle Roll is solid colors... just in time for your spring needle shopping! Needle shopping you ask? Well, you see, if you add one of these gorgeous cases to your gear, I would bet that you will get the urge to run right out and buy some fancy new needles to fill it!

The Straight Needle Roll is a beautiful, functional case that holds up to 60 pairs of straight needles - yes, 60 pairs! If you love knitting with straight needles, you will definitely love this case. If you need a place to store your straight needles, you will definitely love this case. If you simply have nothing better to do this weekend but organize your straight needles, you will definitely love this case...


While I have other needle rolls in my collection, this della Q roll has quickly become my favorite! One of the best features is the easy to read size tags, which are numbered with both US (from 0 to 17) and metric sizes. There are three tiers of 20 pockets, allowing you to store everything from your double points to 10" and 14" straights. The pockets get wider as the sizes get bigger, allowing you to comfortably fit your needles in them - no tight squeezes here! The last pocket has been left blank, allowing you to store even a fourth set of a few favorite sizes.


The Straight Needle Roll measures 22" x 15.5" and is made of a super soft Poly Silk. The new Solid Color collection comes in Seafoam (shown above), Purple, Ocean, Pink, Brown, Red and Mauve. The case retails for $46 and will be available in March, 2010. The Straight Needle Roll also comes in a previously released striped version for $50.

Treat yourself to a Straight Needle Roll today and get organized in style! Fill 'er up, then roll 'er up and you'll know all of your straights are safe in one convenient place. Toss the case in your knitting bag for on the go or easily store it at home. Either way, you can't go wrong with a silky soft, gorgeous della Q case - functional and beautiful!


gypsyknits said...

Aweseome review and a nice organizer. Thanks:)

Kathy R said...

Pretty! Might have to save up for this.

Channon said...

Love that color too. I currently store my straights in a pitcher on the coffee table, but it's full. Might need one of these...

Sue said...

After adding all my mom's needles to my collection, we needed a special storage place. Rob fixed up a stand with drawers to hold them all with dividers for each size.