Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's Go Racing!

Well, it looks like Blogger is finally back up, but our posts from yesterday are still missing.  Is this some cruel Friday the 13th joke?  Because, Mr. Blogger, we do not find it the least bit funny.  I hope the posts make their way back from never-never land soon!  And yes, I mean posts as in plural because not only did we do our doggy Thursday post, but I posted on Matt's site as well. 

Speaking of my racer, we're back at NHMS tomorrow and we finally get to debut the black & gold paint scheme (how appropriate, on the same day that my B's start round 3!).  I'm really excited because this means the car will be pretty we get to start showing off our sponsors (and yes, we have room for more if anyone out there is interested in a unique marketing / advertising opportunity with a Legend team).  RIP Blue Bomber (does anyone else find it ironic that Matt began his karting career in a blue bomber also?)...

Race day for the #8 at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway was short lived on April 30 when the rear axle housing broke during the third round of practice... and yours truly had to break out those crew gloves and get her hands dirty!  I told Matt I needed a raise and he said I could have a 100%.  What's 100% of 0?

8_practice_43011 Practice_43011g

We had a lot of help trying to get it welded so Matt could race, but it was broken too badly.  I love the NELCAR class and am so proud that Matt is a part of it this year.  These guys are amazing and always ready to help each other in the pits.  A far cry from the constant arguments and fist fights you see too often at the local tracks. 

Pits_43011e BrokenAxleHousing_43011c

The car was repaired during the week and ready to race at Seekonk Speedway last Saturday night!  We had some family come out to cheer Matt on, including my sister, niece and nephew.

AustinAmber_5711b NicAustinAmber_5711

Waiting to get out on the track...

FeatureLineUp_5711 MattNic_Seekonk_5711b

Amber giving Uncle Matt some pointers before his feature race (Austin was too tired to think about getting in the car when we took these).  Think we've got another racer in the making?

Amber_5711 AmberMatt_5711

These two on-track shots are courtesy of RPM Photography...

DSC_6037[1] DSC_5820[1]

As I said, I'm proud we're a part of this great class and am having so much fun already this summer!  Instead of being at the same race track every weekend and having a track family, we are part of a class that travels to various tracks (some may say a traveling circus of sorts).  We're getting to know the other drivers and their families and the comradery amongst all is a wonderful thing.  For those of you keeping track, with 3 races down for the 2011 season, I have not had time to knit one single stitch at the track yet... but I'm hopeful!  Or at least the crew chief/public relations rep wants that raise...


Sue said...

Blogger seems to be still recovering from it's nervous breakdown. Amazing how addicted I am to blogging. Oh well, could be worse.

jen said...

Good luck at the race tomorrow!
The car looks awesome!!I think Matt needs a big brown Nwefie on the hood of the car:)

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