Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10 Favorite Things to do Outside

It's time for a little Ten on Tuesday fun.  Today's topic is 10 Favorite Things to do Outside... more like "10 Things I Want to do Outside" given this craptastic rainy week we're having here in New England.

8_Car_51411e1. Racing... be it a NASCAR race or at the local short track.  Most of you know Matt raced gokarts for 10 years and this year moved into the NELCAR Legends series.  I posted some of my thoughts on the experience during Blogger's sick day on Friday, so in case you missed it, check it out here.  Those are are the last pictures you'll see of the blue bomber... we finally unveiled the black and gold paint scheme on Saturday!  

Zeus and foster Bingo
2. Play with the dogs... what better way to spend a nice day outside?  I would like to start walking with the dogs more this summer.

3. Take a spin around the farmer's markets... the sights and smells are always wonderful and nothing beats fresh, local produce. 

KnittinRacin_607094. Knit... for those who read the post linked above about racing... nope, still not one stitch knit at the track yet this year!  I used to manage to combine knitting and racing...

Mattgrilling_920095. BBQ... although I admit, Matt does all of the BBQing in our house.  I could go for some steak tips and corn on the cob on the grill right about now!

6. Hang out with family... this one goes along with BBQing.  Family get togethers are always fun, but they're even more enjoyable when everyone can play outside.

7. Go to outdoor concerts... outdoor venues always seem to be more fun, even in the rain (so long as we leave out any nasty thunder and lightening, thank you very much).

Roses_618108. Take pictures... what can I say, I'm a shutterbug at heart.  Mom always had a camera with her while I was growing up, so I guess it's in my blood.  It seems I'm now never without one of three cameras (point and shoot, Nikon D90 or cell phone) and, yes, often you will find me with all three

9. Enjoy the wildlife... birds, bunnies, woodchucks... I can do without the snakes and spiders however.

10. Stop and smell the roses... the shutterbug in me likes to stop and photograph them too.


SissySees said...

The roses are beautiful!! Just being outside on a nice day helps me decompress.

Beverly said...

Fun list! I like going to plays outside when it is warm, too.

dianne said...

Great list! I love that you have farmer's markets on your list. I just recently went to my first one and had a wonderful time

Marjie said...

Yeah, all those things will be fun....IF it ever gets warm!

Kym said...

Perfect list! :-) I hope the weather clears up soon (for you and me both!) and we can get outside to start working on our lists!

Heather said...

Oh my god, silly me! How could I forget playing with the dog and the farmers markets. Definitely-great list!

Bubblesknits said...

Wonderful list. I'm not big on Nascar, but anything that gets us outside for a while is welcome. : )

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