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REVIEW: Sammy Snacks

Sammy Snacks
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The Lapdogs received quite the package from Sammy Snacks for review!  In addition to a bag of the Duck and Potato adult dog kibble, they also had the pleasure of taste-testing six different flavors of "Snackers."

SammySnacks5Sammy Snacks Dog Food is all natural - two words they take pride in.  While those two words "all natural" have become a popular marketing term in both human and dog foods these days, to Sammy Snacks all natural means using only human-grade ingredients and never adding artificial colors, fillers or other by-products. Their foods include flaxseed and fishmeal to bolster your pet’s immune system and leave them with a lustrous coat.  They’ve opted to naturally preserve their foods with vitamins A, C and E, instead of the chemical process used by many larger commercial pet food companies. This natural approach means your dog’s body absorbs more essential nutrients during digestion. Benefits include better-smelling breath, less body odor and smaller piles of waste. Plus, with more nutritional value per serving, your pets don’t need to eat as much at mealtime!

Sammy Snacks Adult Dog Food is currently available in four varieties: Chicken (active/working), Lamb (maintenance), Duck & Potato (allergy formula) and Senior/Weight Management (special needs).  They also have a Puppy Lamb formula, as well as a Cat Food formula for all life stages.  The Lapdogs received the Duck & Potato variety for review and were not disappointed!  The Duck & Potato formula is intended for dogs with allergies, sensitive stomachs, or those who simply need an alternative protein source.  With duck meal as the very first ingredient and a crude protein minimum of 24%, this is a fantastic kibble for my allergy-prone Teutul.


The Lapdogs went - and are continuing to go - nutso for the Snackers treats.  Although somewhat small in size, in comparison with some of their other favorite treats, that doesn't seem to matter.  The bite-size morsels smell amazing and are the perfect bed-time size treat, plus they're great for training too! 

SammySnacks3Sammy Snacks Snackers were started by a girl who just wanted to share a snack with her dog - and yes, that means they are a healthy snack for both pets and their people. Sammy, a Labrador Retriever who lives in Virginia with his humans, has a forbidden love of chocolate.  This forbidden love is what made his Mom bake her first batch of (what is now known as) Carob Chip Snackers.  As soon as the first batch came out of the oven, the young pup who couldn't resist his Mom's  chocolate chip cookies was indulging in carob treats that were not only good for him, but his humans as well.

Snackers are baked and packaged fresh daily with human-grade ingredients in a fully licensed and inspected facility. They are free of chemicals and by-products and feature a light granola texture and crunch.  However, I must admit, I have not yet tried them.

SammySnacks4The Lapdogs have been happily enjoying bags of the Sammy Snacks standard flavors (Carob Chip, Cheddar, Peanut Butter, Cranberry and Blueberry), as well as a some special Pumpkin Snackers.  With all of their favorite flavors covered, the Lapdogs aren't picky at all during treat time - they love 'em all!  Sammy Snacks has received the Official Lapdogs 16 Paws Up Seal of Approval and the Lapdogs are Sammy fans for life!

Sammy and his humans are also respected members of their community.  Recently, Sammy Snacks sponsored the Charlottesville Albemarle Kennel Club show. A special program at their store gives a 15% discount to anyone who purchases Sammy Snacks Puppy Dog, then Sammy Snacks donates 15% of the purchase price to the CAKC.  We hear that the  CAKC is a wonderful community based support group for lots of good causes.

Additional, Sammy Snacks supplies dog food for the nationally recognized PenPals program  in Virginia. Inmates take part in a program to become dog trainers with dogs from local rescue groups who need serious social training (and would otherwise be put down). Annually, the program supports approximately 50 inmates and 220 dogs. It is a wonderful win-win program for everyone! 

Wag on over to the Sammy Snacks website and order some tasty treats for yourself and your pack today!


SissySees said...

Thanks for a great write-up for a local fave. We ALWAYS have Sammy Snacks on the snack table!

Marjie said...

I actually prefer snacks made for smaller dogs for Thor. If he gets giant dog treats, then he slobbers all over the place, slings crumbs and slime everywhere, etc. I also have to watch his weight because he's so old that he's not terribly active any more, so little cookies mean he can have 3 or 4. Glad to learn that your hungry pack enjoyed Sammy's Snacks!

Sue said...

We LOVE Sammy Snacks!!! We like the cranberry ones and so does Dad.
Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

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